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President Trump is a Sirian , Melania is a Pleadian! Not one Predident has been Human! All ETs! hundreds of thousands of ETs R on Earth, helping remove the SWAMP! Most of the Military protecting our favorite President R ETs ( imo). Prove me wrong!

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Trutherfly 11.11-Reclaimingthesymbol


· Jan 30

Replying to @RosebudRj @moor_justice and @LouderThanLove1

Military generals/white hats have been protecting MANY very important ppl and celebrities for years. I only speak #Truth @LoveBling6 @P0A_Triot23



please correct me if needed! TY

Q Patriot Today is the DAY #QAnon



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We don't know for sure, but Brexit is official as of today. We are hopeful something big happens. Perhaps POTUS's executive order on human trafficking means freedom for trafficked children and adults.

Steven Lundgren@love4thegameAK



Secret Service open fire on SUV that breached two security checkpoints hours before Trump is due to arrive

Steven Lundgren


· 1h

Two people were taken into custody after the SUV breached both security check points and officials fired at the car, officials say.

I AM...@P0A_Triot23



...How About Compassion ..? No..? Understanding That LIFE Has BEAT Many Into The Ground, With NO-ONE There To Lend A Hand .. Just A Few Simple Words, Could Save A Life. COMPASSION. *+*


Susan Lazier@LazierSusan



I'm not surprised, we've heard things about him in the past

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· 4h

John Roberts is DSCabal! Surprised?...NO

Vincent Kennedy@VincentCrypt46


Jan 30

New Q

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Karli  - Text TRUMP to 88022


· Jan 30



Worth remembering. Q

This was his question-

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Senator Rand Paul@RandPaul

· 3h

My question today is about whether or not individuals who were holdovers from the Obama National Security Council and Democrat partisans conspired with Schiff staffers to plot impeaching the President before there were formal House impeachment proceedings.

Karli  - Text TRUMP to 88022@KarluskaP·


President Obama held back lots of documents his attorney General was held in contempt- was that a impeachable offense?

Vincent Kennedy@VincentCrypt46


Jan 30

I didn't Predict. The collective vibe did. You have to understand much higher powers at play here than any of us. Something comes after all of this.

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· Jan 30

Replying to @VincentCrypt46

This is AMAZING! Pic1: VK Tweet @ 10:36a MQ9BT Pic2: MQ9BT=61 Pic3: QPost 3806 @ 11:37a VK PREDICTED TO THE MINUTE WHEN Q WOULD POST. Do you believe in coincidences? #VKProof

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