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Q Merry Christmas 2018 - Joe M.webp
Q Killing the Mockingbird - Joe M.webp
Q We Are The Plan - Joe M.webp
Q Dark to Light - Joe M - Twitter.webp
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The Edge of Flat Earth

Wall of Antarctica 5-19-19

Relax and Chill Out

#SCOTUS 6-22-19

JFK Jr Democratic Convention looking awa
JFK Jr Hands Up Democratic

I am SCOTUS - You Tube

#Merry Christmas 12-25-2018

JFK Jr Last Interview

What did he say? 6-4-19

Im Scotus


JFK JR is the voice of Todd Burgun.webp
Trump on Jay Leno.webp

Trump on Jay Leno

POSTED 9-24-19


Dead Sea Scrolls Secrets.webp

Secrets you were never meant

to see from the Dead Sea Scrolls


Secret of Secrets ArchAngel Metatron.web

The Secret of Secrets :

Untold True History of Humanity

Metatron Archangel  10-28-19

The Pleadian Message

A Wake Up Call

for the Family of Light


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Andromedan Contactee 



SpaceForce Age Regression.webp

Secret Navy Space Force 

Program - Age Regression



Looking Glass


The Real Reason

you Don't Fit In

The Golden Gate and 8-11-2019.webp
David Straight - Arkansas Class 1 of 3.w

David Straight- Arkansas

Class 1 of 3


David Straight Arkansas Part 2 of 3.webp

David Straight- Arkansas

Class 2 of 3


David Straight - Arkansas Class 1 of 3.w

David Straight- Arkansas

Class 3 of 3


Charles Manson's first prison interview | 60 Minutes Australia

Tom Snyder’s interview with Charles Manson (1981)

Manson Interviews

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General Flynn And We Know 1-16-2020.webp
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This video will get Trump elected.webp
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