Palm Beach County - You Have Been Served 9-1-2020


Ann Vandersteel -

Go to the website above, click on FORUM or use the link below.

You've Been Served! (Call to Action for Americans)

You can simply walk into any town council, school board, or other official government meeting, hand them a thumb drive with the below pdf attached and read the following declaration:


"PURSUANT TO 18 USC 4, AND 18 USC 2382, we are hereby serving you LEGAL NOTICE of felonies that have been committed, that you are required to acknowledge. If you fail or refuse to, your act of omission will be construed as "aiding and abetting" these crimes, and you will be considered a party in these crimes, and stripped of your authority/office, and this material will be sent to the federal court for prosecution." Again, you have been given LEGAL NOTICE. We will expect a notice and report by you describing your response within a week. Failure to do this, will result in a criminal and civil legal action against you in your personal and corporate capacities."


Have a nice day.