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Patriots and Frog Family

God IS walking with us! Put your faith, hope, trust and love in that. You will and have never walked alone. He has never abandoned us so this is not the time to abandon Him or His mission. We are Flynn’s F.R.O.G.s and Fully Reliant On God. Need I say more? No! Enough said!

Mar 8/15/21

Shell Evans

5m  · 

WhipLash347- Telegram

This one guys

Amy Robach on Project Veritas.

She tells you about all the BIG CEO's WORLDWIDE.

NSA Has it All.

They took their phones out to the Islands

NSA caught Oprah & Epstein ordering Cement Trucks to fill in all the evidence.

Bermuda triangle is not a portal to hell or where Lucifer lives or sort of Marine spirits HQS are popular notions erroneously postulates, Bermuda triangle represent a Portals to the Higher dimension , Portals to the beautiful sank Atlantis civilizations still existing till date under the protection of multiverse beings of Light as gate keepers against invasion by dark forces ...a confirmation of Bermuda triangle being a a portal to higher dimensions was an incident that happened in 70s not widely reported by mainstream media of a couple from Florida who were sailing with a cruise boat across the ocean on reaching Bermuda triangle ,a blue blinding dazzling Haze enveloped them for over Thirty minutes prevented from moving further after which a white haze appeared and they made a U turn in fear back to Florida with a shocking Discovery of both couple developing super human IQs and could speak multiple languages prior to this incident they were just normal people speaking only English .. these couple ended up as professors in different fields after their transformation and narrated their experience with a caption "the other side of Bermuda triangle ..." Surprised??


Shell Evans Telegram

NEW - Cargo ships full of goods are stuck outside California harbors as far as the eye can see.


Leslie Nelson


The 11:11 update:

There are over 200 trillio n dollars in guarantees to older people on things like Soci al Sec. etc., owed to these individuals. There is not enough money, not even close, to cover all of these expenses. Therefore, the only alternative is to elimin ate the “old” population via the fak e Vee Ru$$ and the poisonous V@ x period.

People are getting sicke r than ever because of the J@ b and it’s intentionally shutting down major organ ns in the body. They are also using 5 “Ge e” (but we think most of this is now under control )to infec t people. Also, they are using ice crysta ls and dispersing them via chemt r@ils period. There isn’t a Vee Ru$$ and there never was such a thing.

We understand medi c@l malpr actice is the 3rd leading cause of de@ th folks. There is no mone y in a cure.

You don’t go to a nur$ ing hom e to get better you go there to leave the ear th folks.

-Side note:

The movie is almost complete. Yes over a milli on childre n were saved. Some people lost their lives in the process via saving them in tunn els and others via “Vee” stuff. Part of war my friends yes it sucks. All this garbage is coming to a halt. Be thankful for 3 awesome letters. Those letters are DJ Tee and of course his team of whi te hats and director Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior my friends.


Debbie Coates

The Bad guys have been planting seeds about an alien invasion, a cyber attack, a war scenario etc, when the good guys DO black out all media, the bad guys want you to follow your programming and think it’s a bad thing , this black out, they want you to go into flight mode , I would suggest that you do not fall for that , allow the shadow, the truth to be disclosed. Now more than ever you need to empty your cup so you may refill it with the truth. How will I know it is the truth ? Because there are no coincidences in this life, the amount being disclosed make it mathematically impossible, when you process the truth that true evil doesn’t only reside in the history books, that it was very present in our day to day lives then you will understand how and why the bad guys had the audacity to roll out a global genocide plan. Their last ditch attempt to cull and control us before the good guys totally drained the swamp and cut off the head of the beast. No longer will you blindly put your faith in fallen angels and lost prophets, remember the truth will set you free ….


Leslie Nelson

Did you know that as A Child of God you can say to your thoughts, "STOP - I do not consent - in the name of Jeshua - be done"! Works for me every time!


Gematria Calendar




Tesla Table

Australian Student Warns America

TOOL - The Pot

Marcy Playground - Sex And Candy

The Global Peoples Monetary System & Simplified Divine Law– Interview with Rick Jewers

Sep 27, 2021

Humanity is ready, it has all been Divinely Prepared reasons why You should not hesitate and join NOW

Awakening Journals

Real World Awakenings


Streamed live on Oct 14, 2021

Pryme Minister Original Dripster

News & Updates with Juan O' Savin

Oct 14, 2021

Our Great Awakening

Roseanne Barr and Juan O Savin discuss the “Red Sea Moment”

Oct 15, 2021

Roseanne Barr

System Collapsing. Bring It On

David Nino Rodriguez


Truth by Billie Beene E1-251 101521 US Mil Leads Alliance! - -E+OW/Med Beds!

Oct 15, 2021

billie beene

Unearthed Reality: The Quest For Truth Documentary

Jul 26, 2017



The Fall of A Country: The Untold, Eyewitness Story Of Afghanistan’s Collapse

RED OCTOBER Massive Consciousness Shift DNA Activations Revelation

Our Everyday Lives

Dussehra ~ Alchemise Wounding with Compassion ~ Miracles are Happening ~ Presence of New Beginnings

Oct 16, 2021

Paul White Gold Eagle



Oct 15, 2021 -

Paul White Gold Eagle

Kin 45: Red Rhythmic Serpent - 6 Chicchan - Mayan Tzolkin Calendar

Oct 15, 2021

Paul White Gold Eagle

LOVE | The 13 Dimensions Of The Field⎮Kryon Late Night Series

Premiered Oct 15, 2021

The Heyoka


Yolandi Cook

Introducing Freedom Travel Alliance

They are getting huge investors and starting a whole new travel model based on total sovereignty and medical freedom

Why are they doing it?

"Our mission is to BE THE solution provider in the travel and transportation industry, as we believe in honoring everyone's right to travel freely, unencumbered, and without discrimination.

Our goal is to bring joy and wonder back into travel and the hospitality industry.

We are building an ecosystem of like-minded members, partners, and businesses to ensure and safeguard our rights as sovereign beings which includes the right to move about the world as a Freedom Traveler.

Join us as we celebrate and highlight these new partnerships with businesses, communities, cities, states and countries who align with our goals to preserve our inalienable rights."

Join Freedom Travel Alliance today

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John King added a 3D photo to UNITY of LIGHT.

A transmission of truth from Kryon...

What you've been told may not be the entire story!

I gave an expression a long time ago. A metaphor about so many things spiritual, but the innate is like this...

You've been given a 747 airplane, and all you've done all your life is to run it up and down the runway. And you're proud of yourself, "Wow, look at me in this big airplane and look how fast it can go on this runway," with really no idea that you can fly. The innate is that way.

What is it? It's been called the smart body. Right away, we will tell you this. The innate is not in 3D.

It's not chemistry. And you'll say, "Well, what is it? If it is not chemistry, is it consciousness?" Partly. We're going to get to that when you ask where it is.

Consider there is an overlapping consciousness of your cellular structure that has nothing to do with your brain.

It's the best I can do to give you an idea of what is there right now, called innate. That overlapping consciousness of your cellular structure means it's a field... perhaps within your body, not a field that is outside of your body, but within your body.

It encompasses every single process the body has. Every single process. Now, I'm not talking just about cellular processes because your consciousness is also an attribute of your body. So innate is hooked into your consciousness.

Let's define what it does that is so fascinating that has interested scientists and those who study spirituality. Even those who study technical things, because the innate encompasses so many things. Let's look at what it does.

It's called a smart body because it knows about itself more than you do. It also knows about subconscious things.

Now, this is one of the giveaways. The innate can go around your subconscious programming as well. Because it knows what is and is not happening in your body.

You may think you know what is and what is not happening in your body, but it is developed by your consciousness, which includes BLOCKS to what may or may not be happening. Your innate has no blocks.

Let's go right to the miracle. Your innate is responsible for spontaneous remission. Period.

There may be things in you right now that you are distressed about, or you might say so intensely fighting to change, or there's a disease, and it's all within your own consciousness... within your own, I would say logic to discover.

"What am I going to do next? How can I do this, and how can I do that? Who will I see, and what will I write?" And all of these questions and logic puzzles you think about in order to solve them.

I want you to picture something for a moment. What if it could all be solved in an instant? Innate is known for that. It's known for that.

So what does that tell you? It tells you, you may be fighting a battle that you don't have to fight.

And so it is.

Lee Carroll

"Original Kryon Channell" since 1989

Excerpt channeled by Lee Carroll on October 6, 2021 during Healing Wednesday.


You can sign up to get the even more messages from Lee, Monika and Kryon directly to your inbox here:



Eden Cafe ~ Atlantis, Egypt, Anunnaki, Visionary Art, History, Archaeology~  · 

What is described is your sensing intervention from your Primary Guardian Spirit (PGS)

"Gut feeling", "inner voice", chills down spine, unusual sense of unease or danger...*

Everyone, without exception, has a PGS to facilitate your life. Noting that this does not infer control of any sort, nor any form of physical, mental, emotional attachment. Each of which is forbidden under the Eternal Cosmic Law which entities of the 4th Realm are subject to.

THE EASIEST way in which you may strengthen and develop your spiritual nature/aspect, is by "satori" - "closing the gap" - between you two.

This is accomplished simply by daily expression of gratitude toward your PGS.

Depending on your present "starting point" spiritually, satori can be achieved very rapidly in the new Fire Age, recently commenced.

ONCE YOU REACH a certain level of interaction, you will find new "doors of consciousness" presented before you to open and explore. There are more than 300.

Even mastering just one fully, could consume a lifetime.

And ever and in all things, the "conduit" is that vibrational relationship you have developed and continually nurtured without fail.


A time will come, when you will interact as freely and easily with your PGS as two good friends meeting and chatting over a coffee.

REALLY ? Yes, really. I am one example. Daily since 1999 to 2014, my PGS and I interacted, my recording several thousand pages of her wisdom for the human race and our future.

From 2014 to present, I have a new entity PGS, appropriate to my newly attained higher spiritual multiple graduation.


These events and interactive contact of immeasurable benefit are open to all.

This is the real deal !

(*several times - even to the second, I have thus been warned of suicide bombers proximity, aircraft imminent collision, car crash, catastrophic consuming building fire, random attacks in public...)

  • Debbie Coates

    guys - i have some questions surrounding Rick, namely, if we understand the importance of the QFS and who is rolling that out, why would Rick push for what i think will damage Nesara/Gesara and the QFS - doesnt make sense to me - is he basically getting folks to try and obtain their birth bond money which tbh - IAM happy for it to go into one pot and get re-distributed according to individual good vibration so we prevent all this shit show rearing its ugly head again in the interim ascension time, any thought ?? x


    Debbie Coates I've taken some time to think about this question. When NESARA/GESARA first came on my radar, I had similar concerns. While no one is sad about our unlawful debt being wiped out., I had concerns about how we would fund infrastructure moving forward and what type of system would be in place to carry that out if we were no longer operating as a Corporation, as you know we have been since 1871. When the military is no longer in control during this transition time, we will need a new system in place to come together and make decisions as communities FIRST, and then share our ideas with other communities and establish what works for the people in your region, reaching out to others to share ideas and re-evaluate how commerce will work as a whole, from the BOTTOM UP - the individual building communities - NOT the top down, like it was under the corporate structured government - so while I do not claim to be an expert on GESARA - I am familiar enough to know I haven't really seen an extensive layout/explanation as to how people governing themselves and monitoring funding will ACTUALLY operate. I understand it - in principle - but it still must function somehow on a day to day basis as we make this uncharted leap to self-governing. I am exploring the website Rick is presenting as a possibility for how that may work moving forward, and frankly, other than Brad Barton's I have not seen much out there addressing the "nuts and bolts" of how that will operate for each individual person and the communities they wish to build for their children and their futures. I hope this helps you understand my position for sharing better - but at the end of the day - we all must decide for ourselves what works for each of us. Light and Love, Always.

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