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Jenny Beth is with Cheryl Korst-Dye and 

Good Morning Patriots!

Wishing John F Kennedy and Carolyn a happy 25th Wedding Anniversary today!

Thank you for all you do for God, country, the good people of Earth and beyond!

I hope you have an incredible year! TBI(R)YTC


Leslie Nelson

Maryann morning message

Patriots and Frog Family

Does the world seem upside down…inside out to you lately? Do you read about all the “natural devastation” and loss of life and say “how can that be if this is a movie”??? I know I do. I have been told that this IS a movie but there are also some real components. Well I am going to steal a post from John Quent’s telegram page that I found very impactful. Here goes:

“What you are about to learn should not only scare you, but intensify your resolve to take back [Freedom]. The information that will become public will further demonstrate the criminal and corrupt [pure evil] abuse of power. The snowball has begun rolling - there is no stopping it now. Stay the course and trust the plan. Remain BRAVE.

We knew this day would come.

United we STAND. #WWG1WGA

Yes frogs…. We are going to be hit with information that will rock your world….it did mine for sure. The pure evilness behind it all had me first denying it was possible but after being shown the truth became very angry that such corrupt evil lies were told to us to be able to control not only us but our emotions. So as we approach the movie, I want you to brace for some very hard realities. Yes a lot will be confusing but you are Flynn’s F.R.O.G.s and will handle it and even may have that “aha” moment. I will admit that some of the hardest rabbit holes almost did me in but my desire to know what was real and true made me push deeper and deeper. Whiplash347 has been guiding us on many notables since January 2020. He has laid out the events that need to unfold before the movie can be shown. We have been repeatedly told that only ten people know when things will happen. The rest of us do our best at guessing (unsuccessfully) but it does keep us hoping. If you made it this far and we are told by those in the know that we are coming up on the finish line then you have proven that your faith is strong. Please hold on to that faith because we have a couple more bumps predicted before we all have the answers revealed. Patience is definitely not one of my virtues but faith in knowing that this brilliant plan before us is God’s plan has helped me to tighten my grip on the line. I am once again asking you to strengthen your grip and hold the line as we watch God and his mighty chosen warriors do the final cleanup necessary. You were never alone in this battle and unlike the faux Biden administration we never leave our warriors behind. So please continue to stand firm in the faith. Know God wins. Know we win. Know that justice is being delivered. Know that the whisper from God that we all got came with many gifts including the armor of God as well as a very strong and united family. We may look like frogs but our strengths comes from being F.R.O.G.s (Fully Reliant On God). So buckle up my family the ride is not yet over. Please keep your eyes on the never tiring Whiplash347, John Quent, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy and (the always tired ) me on telegram. Let me know if you still need their links. FB doesnt like Whips or mine to be published. . I do want to thank you frogs for always finding me. That target on my back here on fb is tedious but my frog family keeps finding me. I will be here with you no matter how many times they “disappear” me. I will always “reappear”. Stay alert my family. Stay on the ready. This portion of our mission is almost over and the new adventure that it brings will be awesome. Job well done Patriots and Frog Family. Job well done. Where we go one, we go all. God has blessed us all. Love and peace to you all.

Mar 9/21/21

Leslie Nelson

Cue post 2903: Within the next 21 days (from Sept. 11 2021) BIG BIG BIG HAPPENINGS are going to take place. 21 Days of Prayer = 7 + 7 + 7 WhipLa sh347: 7 Presidenti al Messages, 7 EBS Alerts, 7 Kingdoms.

DD sb

Leslie Nelson

Potential Tsuna mi could hit East Coast of the US and Canada:

Major Cities affected:

- 100% of Delaware

- 99% of Florida

- Portland and Augusta, ME

- Boston, MA

- Stamford and New Haven, CT

- Providence, RI

- Baltimore, MD

- Washington, D.C.

- New York City and Long Island, NY

- Philadelphia, Cherry Hill, Tom's River, Atlantic City, NJ

- Houston, TX

- New Orleans and Baton Rouge, LA

- Savannah, GA

- Charleston and Myrtle Beach, SC

- Wilmington, Greenville, and Fayetteville, NC

- Virgina Beach, Norfolk, and Richmond, VA

-Watch the water.

TT sb

Leslie Nelson

Three of five Tsuna mi Warning Buoys protecting the US east coast are OFFLINE and a fourth is malfunctioning, leaving only ONE buoy in the Atlantic Ocean to warn Americans.

TM sb

Telegram Arabella Kennedy

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

The captives of warriors will be released, and the plunder of tyrants will be retrieved. For I will fight those who fight you, and I will save your children.

Follow: @ArabellaKennedyQ

Telegram JFKjrisQ

The weapon of choice for the forces of Light is the Truth. For the forces of Darkness it is lies. Truth always wins because the support structures necessary for maintaining a lie always collapse, and the Truth is it's own support.

As Darkness Falls

Every Lie Will Be Revealed

The End won't be for Everyone.

That Choice, Will be Yours.

Consider This the Tip …

Only the Beginning:

Buckle Up - Get the Popcorn

Because I’m Going Til Dawn

Did You check the Date … ?

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Leslie Nelson

People Believe the Economy will Grow Weaker, Ransomware Attacks Increase.

Tru mp was right again, CA is being used as the test bed for zoning laws, this will dramatically shift the housing market in the wrong direction. The Fed is trapped now, no matter which way they turn it will end in a disaster. People believe as we continue down this path the economy will weaken. Ransomware attacks on the food supply is increasing.

-XTT sb

Leslie Nelson

We did see some money movement over the weekend ….we saw a few more people get portions….more reports from the group side. These were small traunches…..they are expecting large traunches to start Tuesday evening.

buckle up for tonight…we should have updates from homeland security from packages of settlements, CMKX and PP’s. I am hoping we hear of more money movement today or more for Tuesday.

Market Sell-Off happening! DOW is down 533+!!!

Silver and gold both down today as well.

Is this the crash or just a dip?

Yea Dow Jones just getting started on the slide.

Evergrande in Chi na is defaulting….will cause the entire world to crash.

Chi na big corp going bust – may lead to their economy crash then spread worldwide.

SP sb

Ask Queen Romana Didulo

Re: Fraudulent Banking System

We are working on #eliminating your credit card debts, student loans, mortgages, interest payments, etc.

Hold the line while we continue to #unshackle the "We The People" from the #enslavement perpetuated on Humanity.

~Peace and Prosperity~

I love you.

HRH Romana Didulo,

Head of State and Commander-in-Chief,

Head of Government,

Queen of Canada


Leslie Nelson

Telegram Q the Storm


AZ Audit 9/24/2021 - Arrests will happen (according to Audit experts).

GA may move to Trump by this week too (according to Gateway Pundit).

Big Banks new requirement of $1tT HIGH QUALITY Capital (makes me wonder did they have low quality capital before).

Evergrande (Chinese RE company) stock tanks 81% since Jan 1, 2021.

Yellen announced USA may be out of money by Mid-October 2021.

Vaccine is a scam - what will happen to Big pharma and dirty commie governments!!




Underground tunnels and city’s were built all over the world. One example is Denver airport apparently so called elites have excess to underground bunkers, city’s where they deal with satanic rituals, experiments, child trafficking etc.

Remember the movie Prometheus? Massive underground tunnels on foreign worlds/realms found to be motherships. 

Giant ancient humanoids created mankind using their own DNA 🧬 but then realised humans are like the plague?

These Giant humanoids “aliens” had use of holographic technology, they holographically had the universe mapped out. Suns, planets moons and finally earth. This is the same technology mentioned in the clip.

 ⚠️ For more truth, raw knowledge, guidance and wisdom follow our telegram messenger group. ⚠️

Telegram CBK News

The Calm Before the Storm:

Have Faith in Humanity

Have Faith in Yourself

Never Give Up

Who Wins in the End … ?


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We Are The News - Telegram


A surrender deal does not mean The Cabal has made a deal with the White Hats to avoid JUSTICE. In war, SURRENDER means: to give (oneself) up into the power of another especially as a prisoner; to capitulate.

Capitulate means: to stop fighting an enemy or opponent; to admit that an enemy or opponent has won; to surrender.

Q told us that the White Hats would be doing everything by the BOOK (i.e. by the DOD LAW OF WAR MANUAL). Chapter 12 of the DOD LAW OF WAR is entitled: Non-Hostile Relations Between Belligerents. Section 12.8 specifically deals with CAPITULATIONS - Negotiated Instruments of Surrender.

Now do you see why NEGOTIATIONS (for the Cabal's surrender [as prisoners]) was essential for doing it 'by the book'?

How do we know the Cabal has entered into a surrender deal that is subject to extreme consequences if violated? The September 18th 'rally' did not turn into the false flag event against American Patriots that [they] had been planning for months.



Sherri Keily

1d  · 


What an enigma. Nobody ever figured it out.

However the clock fascinated me, partly because of a crazy coincidence.

Back before the twitter purge, I would occasionally receive a comm or a message from people like General Flynn or Lin Wood. As a worn out digital soldier, those things will keep you going.

I was never "Q'd", however I did have some pretty cool synchronicities and nods from Q.

Quite possibly the weirdest of those synchronicities occurred in September of 2020.

On September 13th I was watching Full Metal Jacket. The iconic scene where the Marines sing the Mickey Mouse song came on.

It spoke to me for some reason and so I decided to tweet "M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E".

THREE days later, Q posts the Mickey Mouse clock.

I of course flipped out.

The community spent weeks attempting to decode the clock. Many people theorized that the hands at 10 and 2 signified October 2nd as an important date. Months went by and the hype around the clock fizzled.

We were so focused on the clock that we never considered it would be a delta.

Fast forward to September 11th 2021.

President Trump asked the nation to pray for 21 days.

Very specific. This time period would run from September 11th through OCTOBER SECOND.


Which brings us to the drop below.

"Within the next 21 days BIG BIG BIG happenings are going to take place."

Sep 11th - October 2nd = 21 days

Number of ticks on the clock from 10 to 2= 21

Now consider how much has happened since September 11th and that we were asked to track events and pray.

- Milley news

- AUKUS agreement

- Durham's 1st indictment

- Audit results coming on the 24th

- FDA denies booster

- Rigged recall election in CA (WATCH CA)

- Trump throwing haymakers

- Trump telling Raffensperger to decertify

Is the Mickey clock currently counting down?

Sure seems that way...

Lets see what happens.

Relentless Truth


Will Harrity

Want to know where Durham goes from here?

Check this out...

From Techno Fog..

This is an AMAZING read.

241390334_142157851454433_7971853042141398177_n (1).jpg



September - Earth Wind Fire

Queen - One Vison

Fly Like an Eagle - Steve Miller Band

Pains Angels

D.U.M.B.S.  Deep Underground Military Bases

Eyes on the Skies

Masks are unbelievable!

Jim Caviezel Dark to Light



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National Council of Statewide Interoperability Coordinators

The Gene War | Full Sermon | Pastor Andrew Billings 09/19/21

Sep 20, 2021

Dwelling Place OC

Anthony Fauci Document dump updated

SEPTEMBER 20, 2021

Federal Govt Whistleblower Goes Public with Secret Recordings: ‘Government Doesn’t Want to Show the [COVID] Vaccine is Full of Sh*t’; ‘Shove’ Adverse Effect Reporting ‘Under the Mat’

Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee – 9/17/2021

Streamed live on Sep 17, 2021

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

ASSOCIATION FOR MOLECULAR PATHOLOGY ET AL. v. MYRIAD GENETICS, INC., ET AL. CERTIORARI TO THE UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE FEDERAL CIRCUIT No. 12–398. Argued April 15, 2013—Decided June 13, 2013 Each human gene is encoded as deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), which

Deal Made,Gen Milley,October done



Truth by Billie Beene E1-239 La Palma/AK Aleut Is/ Tsunami - US E/W Coasts!

Sep 21, 2021

billie beene

Carolyn Bessette and John F Kennedy Jr.

Jan 2, 2010

Caroline Carter

See More Rare Footage From JFK Jr. And Carolyn Bessette's Wedding | TODAY

Jul 10, 2019


Friend Releases Secret Tapes of JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette’s Wedding

Jul 14, 2019


Vincent Kennedy - Grid Iron Gang IV: Horsemen of the Conspiracy

Published September 21, 202

4VKM - Vincent Kennedy 40 Year Plan 

whipping the truth with $cience

hamishpatterson high frequency tribe

Narciso Rodriguez on Designing Carolyn Bessette's Wedding Dress

Oct 13, 2020

Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Young and Beautiful a tribute to John F Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline Kennedy

Jan 16, 2021

Lauren’s Library

I Am JFK Jr. Official Trailer | Spike

Jul 12, 2016


Clinton Makes RFK Assassination Remark

May 23, 2008

Associated Press

Former Secret Service agent: Why video of Clinton scares me

Sep 14, 2016

Fox News

Preparing For What’s To Come ❤️🌎🙏

Sep 20, 2021

Lorie Ladd

Kryon September 2021 - Time's Up!

Sep 13, 2021


The Celestine Prophecy

Full Harvest Moon in Pisces ~ Transformation IS Happening NOW! MAGICAL SHIFTS ~ Angelic Star Nations

Premiered 8 hours ago

Paul White Gold Eagle

The RAPTURE Free Will Choice | The Splitting of Worlds | 5D Earth timeline split happening now

Premiered Sep 20, 2021

Our Everyday Lives

Robes: A Book of Coming Changes | Penny Kelly | UFO HUB #44

Streamed live on Sep 3, 2021



Matthew morning message

September 21

READ Psalm 105:1–7.1

Give praise to the LORD, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done. 2 Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts. 3 Glory in his holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice. 4 Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always. 5 Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles, and the judgments he pronounced, 6 you his servants, the descendants of Abraham, his chosen ones, the children of Jacob. 7 He is the LORD our God; his judgments are in all the earth.


This psalm describes God’s mighty acts of redemption in history. But before he begins that account, the psalmist calls people to worship and praise Him for all his wonderful acts (verse 2) and miracles. Believers rightly hear this as a summons to tell others around us what he has done in our own lives. Too often we stay silent about his saving actions in our own histories. We might think that keeping quiet about such things is modesty but its effect is the opposite. It allows others to believe that we have overcome our problems and lived our lives on our own strength.


Lord, I praise you that you have broken into my life and brought me up short and opened my eyes and ignited love in my heart for your name. Ah, but you did it in such wise, brilliant, and beautiful ways. Give me the humility and courage I need to begin to testify to others about your goodness toward me. Amen.

Dolores Cannon Teachings - Telegram

Many of us Astral Travel each night without realising. The ‘Silver Cord’ is there to ‘reel us’ back in; so you never have to worry about becoming lost, because you are always connected. Each morning you are ‘reeled in’ oblivious of your nightly adventures. Some of you may remember these adventures in bits and pieces, you will only remember what you are meant to, if it is needed for you to recall. Once you are ready you will be shown a lot more.

@dolores_cannon_teachings C


Shell Evans

20h  · 

You chose to be here at this crucial time, during the great shift! A mission you knew you could handle and do well, moving into a world of LOVE, Compassion and positive energy

@dolores_cannon_teachings - Telegram


Neo Anderson

Guess what day it is…

Join @Q17_Awakening


Black Swan Event Starting from the global financial collapse

China’s Evergrande crisis DS' real estate Evergrande.

The water level of the Three Gorges Dam rises to 168.8m

Bit cheats plummeted More than 100 virtual currencies fell

U.S. Dow Jones slumped 1,000 points

China's (CCP) economy collapsed ! More than 240,000 companies went bankrupt.

NESARA - GESARA DrainTheSwamp RestoredRepublic MilitaryTribunals TheGreatAwakening





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