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Sheri Ty

I found this to be interesting in researching their bloodline. Maybe it will resonate with you : "Abraham Lincoln was Abraham Kahlooni of the Druze Bloodline, from the line of the Davidic Kings and descendants of Jethro, the Priest of Median in the Bible and the Torah (Exodus 2:18). They descend from an ethnic minority called the “Druze” , and they inhabit the Golan Heights area of Israel from the town of Qunaitara & Majdal Shams and before that the town of “Kahloonia” in Mount Lebanon [45 Km south east of Beirut]

Abraham Lincoln had 4 children with wife Mary Todd Lincoln - Robert Todd Lincoln, William Wallance Lincoln, Edward Baker Lincoln and Tad Lincoln two of which were sent to Libya to live - they didn’t die as recorded.

These were William Wallace Lincoln and his brother Tad.

William Wallace was brought to Benghazi – Libya in 1863, they changed his identity, and was raised by The Sanussi Royal family of Libya and living in that Country for the rest of his life.

William became known as “Omar Mukhtar”, the great freedom fighter who fought against The Italian Military invasion of Libya from 1911, until his arrest near Caves Valley (180 Km east of Benghazi), on Friday [11th September 1931] when he was defending those Holy Valleys of Marcus the Evangelist, Valley of The Bible and Mary’s Lake in the region of Cyrene 280 Km east of Benghazi.

He was transferred to face trial on Tuesday 15th September 1931 held by The Italian Military Tribunal in Benghazi, the trial ended in just one day. He was sentenced to death and was hung on Wednesday 16th September 1931, (age 81) in The Town of Solluk 50 Km south of Benghazi “US Peridous”- Libya..

William had 3 daughters and one son. Saidea, Gaillea & Mary. His only son was taken and shot by the Italian military police in downtown Benghazi in 1942.

Mary, William’s daughter met and married a Prince - Said Issa H Kahlooni - from Golan Heights born in the Orchards in Mt Lebanon. The family Tree of Issa Kahlooni is well known in Lebanon Syria and Israel - Issa means Jesus. They arrived at the Port of Derna in Libya in March 1911. They had 2 boys who were both kidnapped from Benghazi, and handed over to mafia boss family Joseph Kennedy and was raised by him and his wife Rose Kennedy. They would later be known as John F Kennedy and Joe Kennedy. John F Kennedy was raised to become the 35th President of the USA. He is not a Kennedy, he is a Lincoln/Kahlooni.

John married Jackie Kennedy and had four children: Arabella Kennedy, John F Kennedy Jnr, Patrick Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy.

Patrick and Arabella didn’t die as recorded.

Patrick Kennedy was flown to Libya

Joe Kennedy was Flynn’s Father

John F Kennedy Jnr is Ezra’s Grandfather

Tad Lincoln was Donald Trump and Elvis’ grandfather.

Elvis, Trump, Assange, Lincoln Kahlooni, JFK, Joseph, John F Kennedy Jnr and Patrick are all Lincoln/Kahlooni and are cousins.

Elvis Presley is the TIP OF THE SPEAR.

Elvis was in the SPEARHEAD Division & also kept a SPEAR TIP on his book shelf.

Elvis told us all on August 15 1977 via the WOW Signal that he wasn't going to be dying. Ask Howard Hughes.

The HH, John G Trump & Nikola Tesla connection is very important.

Download the TESLA FILES on FBI VAULT from 2019"



Is this the outline that you were saying that you helped with?

Jesus DNA and Druze

Jun 23, 2017


Kosay Hatem

Is Jesus the father of Druze? The DNA will answer.

Telegram WhipLash347

The Flynn & Ezra part not sure of.

Ghaddafi & his Son are still alive.

They are good people

Ghaddafi Snr wore William Wallace Lincoln AKA Omar Al Mucktar on his chest.

You know The Decoy used in the AT & T Nashville DEW hit on CIA Snow White Computers was the Actor's name in the Lion Of The Desert.


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