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Donald J Trump is Still Your Commander and Chief

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AN OVERVIEW - Full podcast below

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 Donald J Trump is Still Your Commander and Chief

Derek Johnson, US Military Veteran, had top-secret military clearance. He is not violating any military regulations.

DJT is the commander in chief of the Armed Forces of the USA

US Corporation has been bankrupted.
All the States need to sign on to the Republic.




KEY:   N: = Nicholas Veniamin     G: = Gene DeCode      J: = Juan O Savin

This is a compact version of part of what Juan O Savin stated on this video last night.

The Commander in Chief is in command of all military forces, but this upper strata of those forces, is the nuclear and Weapons of Mass Destruction area, and that’s where there’s this, what we call ‘the football – suitcase – briefcase – that has all the communications codes and authorization codes, so that Generals, in secure locations, monitoring for satellites looking for rocket plumes headed to America or other sneak attack mechanisms in play to attack America, they immediately contact the President, as soon as they have certain pieces of information.

In this current situation, the persons in charge of that nuclear, and beyond command and control system, where the football is involved, have not agreed that Biden won the election, at that moment on Jan. 20, so they held.

But its based on military code of justice 11.3 and 11.4 which was put into, which was implemented in 1954, for exactly a situation like this where somebody might be under the control, a foreign party might be under threat, or some type of coercion, to not operate in the best interest of United States citizens because they’ve been compromised somehow. If that was the case, the generals in control of our nuclear, and beyond armaments, could override an order from the executive, or the commander in chief, or ignore it, because they have knowledge, or belief that they are under some type of foreign or alien control.

So, with that in mind, when they got to January, 20, and knowing that there was not a proper investigation completed by the Director of National Intelligence in a timely manner, which would therefore, then be actionable before he was sworn – they paused.

Yes. The Congress and the Courts, certified that Joe Biden won the election, that Kamala Harris, won the election, but the military in the UPPER COMMAND – not the general forces – the upper command where nuclear and beyond control resides, did not agree to hand over control of those weapons of mass destruction, pending their own independent investigation of the circumstances up to, and at the election and the follow on, because it hadn’t been done properly on the civilian executive side of the government under Homeland Security, which is the policing side of the US Government, which is aimed internally, into the United States.

They did their own investigation, and it was a 45 day investigation, just like was originally intended, for Homeland Security. 45 days of investigation, using military resources and assets, comparative analysis, vetting, validation of what was in the Homeland Security Report and what wasn’t – on the civilian side – using military assets also, and at the end of the 45 days, that was March 6, of 2021.

They then have 5 services in the US: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Space Force. Each of those forces has a day, to present their findings. That brings us to March 11, and the vote, and the determination that there was fraud, foreign interference, and that the actual results of the election were not what was said, and read in – Donald Trump – as the Commander and Chief. They did not have any legal obligation, or even a right, to make any of that public, because – a digital fraud – is the same in the US, according to military law, as a nuclear strike.

It’s effect is the same as what is intended with any invading army – to come in, occupy the land, install leaders who will do the bidding of that invading force – whether it be locals that have been compromised, or external leaders that have been brought in in a military function to command and control the population – it is an ATTACK – and it is an ACT OF WAR – to interfere in an election, to put outside, ya know, leaders that are approved by these outside forces, it’s the same as an occupying army. So, for all intents and purposes, within a legal realm, in a military setting – we are under attack, its an act of war – the same as if somebody had launched missiles off of - two, three minutes off of the coast.

Full Podcast Transcript


N: Hello, and welcome.  Today we have Gene DeCode and Juan O Savin and we will be discussing the CPAC speech, Juan O Savin was there and we will be discussing big tech, the class action lawsuits, the election audits, the military and when Trump will be coming back. 

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N: Gene and Juan thank you for joining me. Is this the first time you’re both meeting each other, you know, the first time you’re both speaking to each other, Gene, you go first…

G: Yes, and it’s an honor. 

[EDITORS NOTE:  It might be the first time “Gene” and Juan have spoken, but Field McConnell and Juan O Savin go way back.  Clearly just this Editor’s opinion – do with it what you will.]

J: Well, I appreciate that and it is certainly very gentlemanly of you.  By the way, I apologize, but something about our location was not letting me get video, and it’s nothing we have control of over here.  We tried a number of things, sorry about that, but ah, um I wish I could put a post, but that’s where it is…

N: Well, no, that’s absolutely fine Juan so, you sent me a lovely picture last night when you was at the CPAC speech, I’ll be using that photograph if you don’t mind and I’ll cover it over your screen, how about that?

J: Hey!  That sounds great!

N: So, right. Gene, I was just speaking to you before Juan came on, before we hit the record button and you were saying that you think Trump, will return back, end of August, September, or possibly October. Do you want to tell us why that is, please.

G: Yeah, I’m just looking at the thing, something I’ve had, from birth, is to see choices, and timeline derivatives from the choices, and looking at the timelines based on what’s going on with the intel of what I have with what’s going on with certain operations around the globe, and what the US military has to deal with – I’m heading more towards the late September, early October timeline, that’s still the predominant timeline that I see, and then, the other thing I am looking at is what has to happen within the country with all the different issues going on, especially the thing they put in your arm, there’s a lot of things going on, so I’m looking at all of that.

N: And what about you Juan?   What are your thought about all of that??

J: Well… I don’t want to get into the timeline too much.  I will say this, I am famous for having said by April Fools Day, April 1st, that anybody that voted for Biden, prior to Biden even being the candidate, a Democratic candidate, because I made these discussions out there well over a year ago, a year and a quarter ago Marker 3:28  even a year and a half ago.  I actually had bets going, and.. ah, that I said Trump, would still be President. Well, the reality is that President Trump, never impeached.  While they voted for Impeachment on the Representative side, it was never confirmed, on the Senate side.  So even though he was voted for Impeachment, he was never, actually, technically, impeached.  It’s like being accused of a crime, and then being found not guilty. Well, are you guilty of the crime, you know, it hasn’t changed a thing, he was demoted, his rank wasn’t removed, so, for the rest of his life, for eternity, he will be President Trump.

That said, I didn’t say that he would be back, in the White House, and, I actually, was pretty precise with that with a lot of people because there’s a fight going on, so the people, that kind of understand this.. I actually only had to pay up on one bet so far, and I have serveral friends that have said, OK, hold on a second,  and I think you might actually be right, and, ah,???   Marker 4:44  But I have one friend that wanted to collect while he could.  With that in mind, looking out to the future, because of what’s at stake, and where the American public is - trying to lock in that date – it’s about a check point, more than it is a date.  There’s certain things that have to be completed.  It’s like driving the road, you know, you can say a time, or whatever, if you’re not to that point in the road, if there’s something blocking the road, if you have a flat tire, still, you have to get to the checkpoint before you can make the turn at that checkpoint, and we’re not there yet. Marker 5:25 

And there is 2 major things, that I personally believe, still have to happen.  There’s going to an economic crisis, and they don’t want, we don’t want President Trump, to have to carry that baggage.  This is a creation of the people behind the election fraud, and I’m going to use that word, from 2020, that are trying to hold control of the United States, with people of their making being put in power.  And so, we don’t want Trump back doing that because he didn’t do it.  We were on our way to the greatest economy in American history probably, and it was the engineered activity that stopped that, with the COVID, and everything in between, and then, with the Biden Presidency, moving oil production back offshore, closing down businesses and moving businesses offshore, re-opening the Russian pipeline project, things like that.

So, with that in mind, there’s an economic crisis on the making of this current administration on the Executive side of government in the United States, and the Congressional side, and then the other thing is, and even more, and compelling and concerning, is there is a military crisis, involving some type of event, kind of like the Cuban missile crisis, with the threat of a nuclear engagement.  The reason that has to happen, they’re gonna try to make that happen, from a globalist standpoint, from an opposition stand point, considering, ya know, opposition towards the Trump side of things, is because the nuclear command and control in the United States has not been relinquished to the Biden camp. Congress, just a few days after Biden took office, had demanded that command and control of the nuclear forces and beyond the WMD component of the military, which is a different strata, an upper strata, of the US Military defense system, beyond just the general staff and flag officers and the command of regular forces, that nuclear and beyond strata – was NOT handed over to Biden at the Inauguration, and was retained by the command structure, pending a review of everything leading up to the election and beyond, and the reason that they did that and didn’t hand over the command and control of nuclear forces is because the director of intelligence was required all the intelligence operations   in the administrative, executive, congressional side of government, under the executive or the President, they were under an executive order from Trump, September 12, of 2018, to look for using all available assets, without a limitation on the budget, all the intelligence agency assets of the 16 intelligence agencies, National Reconnaissance office, which is satellites: CIA, FBI, NSA, which has the largest budget of all, 84% of the intelligence in the United States goes to the National Security Agency, and then other agencies in addition – all available assets, by Executive Order, Sept 12, 2018, were to be applied to, looking for any foreign interference in any federal, which means across the entire country, not just in the state, but any federal election or federal office, they would look for any foreign interference in that election process and outcome, and then report back to the President, and various Homeland Security Agency heads, with the report, within 45 days of a Federal Election – ANY- Federal Election, from that point in 2018 forward. 45 days after November 3, 2020, was December 18, 2020.


The Director of National Intelligence was unable to submit a report to President Trump or to the other agencies and said that there were disagreements over what the data meant, what it said, they couldn’t get data together, and they were not in compliance then with this executive order which was the law of the land at that point in time.  They continued, to not be able to provide a report to the President and to these other agency heads for the next 33 days.  On January 19, they submitted an incomplete report to the President and the agency heads with only less than 24 hours before the Executive Office was to be handed over to Biden.  Up until that exact moment, on January 20, like and Executioner waiting for the Governor’s call before pulling the switch, until the last second, there were opportunities on the civilian side, the Executive Office side of the US government to take action.  Congress, the Courts, or the President himself, could have done something to stop handing off power, and contesting handing off power for various reasons, for being handed over to Biden and Harris.  They didn’t, and until that moment, when he was sworn, as the EXECUTIVE of the United States, The President – on the EXECUTIVE side of the administration of government inside the United States, up until that moment – they could have done something – didn’t, and as part of the Presidency, then the military is handed over to the President, as well as a separate strata, this is something that people have to understand, especially outside the country, that’s why I’m kinda going into a little extra detail because I know a lot of people are people outside the US Government, citizens in the United States might understand it a little bit better, and so I want other people in your audience to understand how things are set up. 

The Commander in Chief is in command of all military forces, but this upper strata of those forces, is the nuclear and Weapons of Mass Destruction area, and that’s where there’s this, what we call ‘the football – suitcase – briefcase – that has all the communications codes and authorization codes, so that Generals, in secure locations, monitoring for satellites looking for rocket plumes headed to America or other sneak attack mechanisms in play to attack America, they immediately contact the President, as soon as they have certain pieces of information, so let’s say that a missile was launched in some part of the world, say submarine, and its detected by a satellite within a fraction of a second, they can tell be the heat signature, the lumenized fuel for example.  They can see from its location, perhaps by other cross-reference information, you know, that there’s some other countries in that area that’s a threat, then the generals in the secure locations, one of them being Cheyenne mountain, which is a secure facility in Wyoming, built into, underneath the whole mountain, where if you hit it with a nuclear weapon, missile it kinda bounces off the top, it doesn’t get down, a mile down into the bunker area where you’re relatively safe. So, when they detect that launch, they do analysis, verification, look for other sources to secondarily verify it, and within 3 to 5 minutes, they have determined it’s legitimate, its an instant threat, may even have a possible set of targets that’s a targeted threat and now they communicate with the football, and in that interim they are already advising; standby, standby, standby, and people are getting in positon, they’re supposed to be within just a few feet of the President, at all times, who is also the Commander in Chief, and then, as soon as they have information, they’re communicating, here’s our situation, here’s what’s being threatened, do we have authority to launch a counter attack, for example.


Now, under President Clinton, we changed our response mechanisms, whereas we would launch, in the mad, mutual destruction era, we would launch on notice.  Where we saw launches against up, we would respond immediately, at some level.  Under Clinton, it was changed to absorb, a first strike.  So if somebody launched on us, we felt we were robust enough, or our facilities were hardened enough that even if we got hit with a nuclear bomb missile, that we had a fairly good likelihood that most of those locations would survive, and we didn’t want anybody to fool us into striking back at the wrong enemy, somebody could fake, let’s say that it was a Russian sub firing on us when it was actually a Chinese, or vice versa, and that actually did happen, most people have no knowledge about, I’ve spoken about it before, that in fact, there was a launch, on Pearl Harbor, back in 1968, on 3-11-68, and it was the beginnings of a whole process that was, the Clementine project, where Hughes had the large boat, the Glomar explorer under the CIA’s control, building it and deploying it to go pick up the K-129 Russian submarine that the missile exploded in the launch tube and it was targeting Hawaii and it was a rogue operation to make it look like Chinese had attacked the US and it was actually a Russian vessel, under GLOBALIST operations, even the Russians didn’t fully know what was being done with their sub. It’s a long story. Marker 17:23  So, to stop us from making a wrong response, we now will absorb, a first strike. 


Let me finish this up by saying, in this current situation, the persons in charge of that nuclear, and beyond command and control system, where the football is involved, have not agreed that Biden won the election, at that moment on Jan. 20, so they held, but its based on military code of justice  11.3 and 11.4 which was put into, which was implemented in 1954, for exactly a situation like this where somebody might be under the control, a foreign party might be under threat, or some type of coersion, to not operate in the best interest of United States citizens because they’ve been compromised somehow, or in a space alien sense, ya know, weird alien worms went into their brains and now they are under the control of the space aliens, and if the military knows this, they’re an Avatar, captured somehow, knowing that newer technologies were coming out all along, if that was the case, the generals in control of our nuclear, and beyond armaments, could override an order from the executive, or the commander in chief, or ignore it, because they have knowledge, or belief that they are under some type of foreign or alien control.  Marker 19:16

So, with that in mind, when they got to January, 20, and knowing that there was not a proper investigation completed by the Director of National Intelligence in a timely manner, which would therefore, then be actionable before he was sworn – they paused.

Yes. The Congress and the Courts, certified that Joe Biden won the election, that Kamala Harris, won the election, but the military in the UPPER COMMAND – not the general forces – the upper command where nuclear and beyond control resides, did not agree to hand over control of those weapons of mass destruction, pending their own independent investigation of the circumstances up to, and at the election and the follow on, because it hadn’t been done properly on the civilian executive side of the government under Homeland Security, which is the policing side of the US Government, which is aimed internally, into the United States.  The EXECUTIVE, the President, is the administrator of the US Government, administrating affairs from the Congressional, which is by House of Representatives that vote for laws and create them, and the Senate, which authorizes the money to do – what those laws have purported to do - and the judiciary, this third branch of government that determines whether or not it was lawful, constitutional. 

The CONSTITUTION is the contract – between the American Citizens – and their government. 21:20

The government serves their citizens, it’s a contract like a business contract, here’s the things you have to do: First Amendment – Right to Free Speech,  Second Amendment – Right to Bear Arms, on down through the list.  That’s the contract with the government that the government has to do, to be in compliance with the citizen’s wishes, and the courts decide if every law passed by Congress and the money that’s appropriated is actually in compliance with the contract with the citizens, or the Constitution. And then, the President is the executive, administering between Congress and the courts, to make sure the laws get done, it’s like a business manager, for America.  The executive, in a corporation, making sure all the affairs work right, but aimed internally, to the function of the Corporation of America and it being run smoothly and appropriately, that’s the Executive Office. 22:28

Beyond that – separate – from that, is control of the military as Commander and Chief, and then that upper strata of the military as Commander and Chief of nuclear forces, and beyond.  When we got to January 20, and they did the investigation, in that executive order – IF, the civilian side of government is unable to fulfill its function, it becomes a MILITARY investigation, and on Jan. 20 – with a failure to comply with the executive order, and because we don’t have generals running off half-cocked, this isn’t a military junkette, we’re not a South American Banana Republic, the generals don’t do anything, they don’t want to go to jail for the rest of their lives for having a coup or an insurrection.  They didn’t have a cue, legally, to enter the fray – UNTIL – Joe Biden was sworn in as the Executive, and they would normally have to pass control of the nuclear forces and the military -TWO SEPARATE CONSIDERATIONS – to Joe Biden.  They didn’t. They paused. 23:45

They did their own investigation, and it was a 45 day investigation, just like was originally intended, for Homeland Security.  45 days of investigation, using military resources and assets, comparative analysis, vetting, validation of what was in the Homeland Security Report and what wasn’t – on the civilian side – using military assets also, and at the end of the 45 days, that was March 6, of 2021


They then have 5 services in the US: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Space Force.  Each of those forces has a day, to present their findings.  That brings us to March 11, and the vote, and the determination that there was fraud, foreign interference, and that the actual results of the election were not what was said, and read in – Donald Trump – as the Commander and Chief.   They did not have any legal obligation, or even a right, to make any of that public, because – a digital fraud – is the same in the US, according to military law, as a nuclear strike.  It’s effect is the same as what is intended with any invading army – to come in, occupy the land, install leaders who will do the bidding of that invading force – whether it be locals that have been compromised, or external leaders that have been brought in in a military function to command and control the population – it is an ATTACK – and it is an ACT OF WAR – to interfere in an election, to put outside, ya know, leaders that are approved by these outside forces, it’s the same as an occupying army. So, for all intents and purposes, within a legal realm, in a military setting – we are under attack, its an act of war – the same as if somebody had launched missiles off of, two, three minutes off of the coast, you don’t know if your leadership, be it the President, or some of the Congressional people, or other administrators have been taken off the boards, or if a base has been occupied, some targets have been hit and destroyed – you have to do a bomb damage assessment.  You have to see what’s left of your command and control. Who’s still viable and who’s still captured under somebody else’s control. So, at the moment that you determined you were under attack, there’s NO LEGAL REQUIREMENT TO TELL THE PUBLIC – hey, we’re recognizing Donald J Trump, as the Commander and Chief, and there’s also no military protocol in a wartime setting, which is the way that this would be viewed at a technical level, legally, inside the military there is no requirement to install a Commander and Chief back – as President of the United States.  It’s a separate hat. 27:23


In a wartime situation, which is more important?  The Executive administrating whether sidewalks get put in, whether we’re building a new bus tunnel, whether we’re appropriating funds for the latest Tri-gender operation, OR the Commander and Chief of the military forces and beyond, in order to push off an external attack on America.  The relevance of all of this conversation is, that in this military situation and militarized response, we may THINK we really know what’s going on, but we don’t completely, because we can’t be told, because there’s a cone of silence around a lot of this stuff while your response is put together, so your enemies don’t know exactly what you’re doing or intend to do next while you work through the process to capture all of the enemy troops and locations, including on your own soil, and then re-take the hill, which is the administrative side of our government, and then re-capture and control the country.  In the meantime, by the way, there’s no Vice-Commander and Chief, there’s no SECOND position – there’s Commander and Chief – and that’s it, not like a Vice President exists over there, you just need your Commander and Chief.  Marker 28:54

How long will this take?  If you’re going to have an economic crisis, most of the time those have historically been programmed in by these globalists, these banking people, for fall, and the reason is because they actually have a mentality of Spring is for planting, Summer is for growth and you go dark, you just let the plants do what their doing with a little bit of tending and you keep them watered and then in the fall you harvest, and so they like to harvest, in the financial markets, October is their favorite month and November, that’s the harvest season.  So, if I was saying well, what has to happen still? We still haven’t had our economic crisis, which they had programmed in for quite some time, to create calamity, chaos, crisis, in the electorate in America, looking at their retirements going away, and who is gonna protect that, and we need more help from the Administration, and then the other thing, this military crisis, where the challenge is in place, to try, just like Nancy Pelosi tried to get command and control of nuclear forces put over to Congress, instead of Joe Biden and the Executive side, and it was completely blocked, because that wouldn’t work.  You can’t have Congress dithering when the missiles are in the air and you got, ya know, 25 minutes to make a decision.  So, that’s why we have an Executive, or a Commander in Chief, ah, I’m almost done here, and so now, if you have a crisis, and you have to think at a global level, because these are people that are trying to TAKE OVER THE WHOLE EARTH. And America’s in the way, and our nuclear forces are in the way. 


They want to create a crisis where the American public, and the whole world is screaming out – you’ve got to let Joe Biden, or the Congress – take the situation on, respond, do something – to stop some great tragedy, some great crisis, and the military isn’t cooperating.  Somebody in the military is failing the world by not letting us respond.  You have to have some kind of a ‘head to head’ thing, and then beyond that, what I’ve said with other audiences, and I’ll say it with yours and that’s the last statement I’ll make here for the moment, and that is – I am looking for a “Hand of God” moment.  In Babylon, when the Meads and Persians were in the process of invading the city of Babylon, this huge city, 15 miles wide, a couple miles long in places, where a river ran through the center of it, the Meads and the Persians, was the most powerful government on the planet at that time, and the Meads and the Persians had come up with a way of creating a brief damming project, and diversion of the river running through the city of Babylon, under the walls with a landslide, and the water being diverted to a lake area and in about a few hours, the river comes down, the army comes in under the wall, gets to the gate, overcomes the forces at the gate, opens the gate and the city is being overrun and it’s a long city – while that’s happening – and they had this huge plan to invade Babylon and take it over. 


They’re having a huge -  the reason they picked this exact date -  is they’re having a huge... because the King of Babylon was having a huge party and all these officials from all around the regions are there, with all their harums and their chauffers, and their hot rods and everything else, and with this party, they wanted to do this offense to God, by bringing in all the golden utensils from the Temple of the Jews, which they had conquered some time previous, and then they’re gonna piss on the whole thing and mock God by using these in their pornographic party. 


Well, in the midst of that, while this invasion is going on – the thing that nobody could have anticipated and what I’m telling you is in the future here, for the world, and for America, in my personal belief – is that there is a ‘Hand of God’ moment, nobody can predict what it exactly is – even if you have a sense that something is going to happen – God himself – is going to surprise everybody, and with the King of Babylon there with all his people having this party, out of a cloud, right in the middle of the whole party, a hand appeared behind the King and started writing in the concrete, or in the stone wall, like we write in clay “This day, your kingdom is required of you, and your life is required of you.” Nobody could understand it, and Daniel the Prophet, had to be brought in to interpret it. This takes hours. 


During all this crisis the whole city is so fixated on this “hand in the wall’ moment, and even down through history to date, the thing that we remember about that incident, when Babylon fell, was the hand of God coming out of the clouds.  People almost don’t even think about all the drama that was taking place, the war that was taking place, right there in Babylon, as the Meads and Persians are racing through the city, taking the city, simultaneously.  God distracted them all, and even the best of the Meads and Persians commanders who had a plan, couldn’t have anticipated that God himself, wasn’t going to share the glory of the win with anybody, including them.  They were there because God put them there, to destroy Babylon, to take it over, and that ‘Hand of God’ moment is what’s about to come for America and the world, because God himself won’t share the glory of this moment, in taking down these monsters that have wielded their way into power in America, as he takes it back for America, we get our house under control, and then we can go help the rest of the world. Not to be our brother’s keeper – but to be our brother’s brother. Marker 35:28

And that timing, is probably late fall this year, is my personal belief, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it – don’t go telling anybody I gave an exact date – I gave you the fundamentals, it’s about a checkpoint, and, the thing we are looking at internally – in order to not have civil war in America, we need 80+%, a very precise number for all sorts of reasons, 80+%  of the American people all on the same page, that are not willing to put up with what happened in this election fraud that does not matter, it’s not about Trump even, by fraud, our government has been captured, the control of our government by foreign parties who had cohorts inside the United States – treasonous, traders, seditious people,  who cooperated in this fake, false vote to capture control of our government, not just at the Presidency but down through the ranks, in positions all through our government, and it’s not a government of the people, by the people, for the people,  it’s a government that’s been selected by foreigners and by black hats, corporate heads, for their interests, and it’s not representative of the American people because it was a fraudulent vote – and President Trump has said numerous times, including yesterday at CPAC, including private meetings yesterday told us it was all about 2020, people around him keep wanting to say it’s about election integrity 2022 – BULLSHIT. Marker 37:17

We will never get to another fair election, only looking to the future. We’ve been down that road, lots of times, President Trump has said it, I’ve said it numerous time, it’s  in my book, I’ve explained it out in the book, he coded it through, with Melania’s dress, I’ve talked to you folks about that before, back cover of my Second Edition book.  This is all about going through, exposing the frauds of 2020 and reversing that election, but not the way everybody thinks.  We actually, at this exact moment, could give a flying – whatever – about the Presidency, because that’s the Executive side of government, it’s all about the Commander and Chief role, because we are at war, we were attacked – it was a digital 911, it was a digital Pearl Harbor – we’re under complete full assault – with the COVID, with the drug crisis, with the invasion of the southern border, with the aliens coming in from countries all over the world, the child trafficking coming in through the border.  We’re under assault at numerous levels, shortly we’ll be under the economic, it’s already there with pending inflation and supply chain issues, and then some kind of a military crisis.  I apologize for being so long, but I wanted to give that, it’s a framework for the rest of our conversation, I hope your audience will be understanding, I’m sorry. Marker 38:50 

N: Absolutely. No absolutely Juan, you’re very welcome, Juan.  Thank you for that.  Gene, is there anything that you would like to add, or say?

G: Yeah, quite a bit.  I’m glad I put things in chat so I could keep track.  So, the ’67 launch, yeah that was a fact and then Jan 13, of 2018, the USSS, which was a cabal asset, which was the recommissioned USS Lahoya, which was a C underscore, CIA submarine launched off of the coast of Korea on Pearl Harbor as well, and in 1987, under the second term of the Reagan administration, they put up the Star Wars defense program, so the launch of Januray the 13th…

J: Technically called, SDI – Strategic Defense Initiative – but popularly called Star Wars, but go ahead..

G: Yeah. Let’s do the more proper, the SDI Initiative was installed to be able, we don’t have to absorb a strike now.  Those 2 missiles were actually a real launch that was done from the USS Rathbone, in a harbor, in Korea, and so it was to make it look like North Korea had launched on us, however, when they take out, when the blast happens for a weapon, or when they take out a weapon, even in a launch able weapon now, within 2 minutes, like Juan was saying, they can now identify the nuclear signature of the weapon.  First thing, they know it’s not just a normal weapon, it’s a nuclear weapon, second of all, even underground or in a DUMB, they can identify nuclear signatures. Marker 40:35 

So missiles going around and people have been talking, if those are nuclear, they can identify the SDI.  It not only identifies the launch, it identifies nuclear material, and it identifies it so precisely, it can tell where that nuclear material was refined. So, if that came from the US, they can identify it.

So, that USS Rathbone, had a nuclear package, a missile, so that they had signatures for different nuclear missiles, for different locations, to make it look like it was a Korean refined missile, or a Russian nuclear refined missile, they could make, you know, go off the shore of some other country and make it look like it was that countries submarine that did it, when in reality, it was a CIA, or Deep State, submarine launch.  And so, we don’t have to absorb it, due to the SDI Initiative, anymore.  And then they can also identify the nuclear signature, and within a second or two of it, clearing the water for a submarine, or a silo, or anything else, they can identify that there’s been a launch.  That’s why many countries, like Russia and all these, especially Russia, is looking and has developed, Russia I know already has developed super-sonic missiles that are low altitude, they don’t go into space, so that they can’t take, they’re looking at trying to get around the SDI.  Marker 42:00

J: Well, hyper-sonic. It’s a lower altitude cruise.

G: Yeah, hyper-sonic.  Thank you for the correction. I’d like to remain as… thank you for the correction. Yeah, hyper-sonic missiles, so like the missiles that…

J: Well, the reason that hyper-sonic is important is that they’re down at the edge of the atmosphere, and they’re steerable, and so an enemy, looking at a flight path, that is looking for an interception point, when you can steer, and change directions at a moment’s notice at Mach 5 to 8, what happens is, you can’t send an interceptor to get to it, because it changes direction and the interceptor just flies by and doesn’t get close to it, so that steering capability, when you have inter-continental ballistic missiles going out into space, they have a burn phase, and when they get to the coast phase, after they’ve spent all the fuel, their trajectories are very predictable. The only way we get past that is by merveing them, which is multiple re-entry vehicles, and so the missile has smaller warheads, to break off and go different directions, and the idea there, is that it’s harder to pick out which ones you wanna get, and steer intercepting weapons technologies towards it, so with a hyper sonic missile, whereas particle beams work well in space, they don’t work well down in the atmosphere because of the denser atmosphere, you have to go to other systems, and so it’s harder to hit a hyper sonic missile at slower speeds.  When you’re going through space, the speeds are Mach 15 to 18 as kind of a comparative speed, and they can be even higher, down at the edge of the atmosphere, because of the density of the air, you can’t go too fast, otherwise you destroy it, it burns up the vehicle, and so you kind of have a speed limit with current technology, both for the interceptors, and for the vehicles themselves. And so it’s just kind of a game, back and forth that we do – we get a little better at this – they get a little better at that, but currently hyper sonic missiles mean that we have a hard time targeting them and stopping them – they can steer around our obstacles, and we can’t get to them for the time being, and we’ve gotta come up with better technology to intercept hyper sonic missiles.  I apologize, but I want your listeners to kind of have the little details that help them understand, so go ahead.  Marker 44:55

G:  Thank you Juan. That was precisely correct.  And then with, I totally agree we’re going to see a ‘hand of God’ moment, like in Babylon.  With Agenda 21 now, pretty much in full operation, with the jab, and all of that, and what’s coming in the harvest, is, I don’t just see the economy, I see that because of Dr Northrop that you’ve had on your show, now Dr. Tinpenney, Dr. Artis, Dr. Zilinko, and many, many, many others, it not only creates a change in the genetics, it changes it such, that in the fall, when the flu season hits again, there’s gonna be, it alters your genetic structure, so that now, with the flu season coming this fall, their immune system won’t be able to deal with the situation, so there’s something, ya know, I’m looking at a hand of God moment at some point in there, where otherwise, we would be hitting like what the Georgia Guidestones are saying – Juan was saying, on an interview I was watching where he was talking to David and Stacey Whitehead, where they want to reduce the population to a point where 13 out of every 14 people would be gone – and that’s what they’re doing with this situation now, so that was planned since WAY back, I mean the patents and everything go back to 2015, the predictions of it, the requests for it through the World Health Organization, and all of the funding and the grants and the National Institute of Health, the Federal Government, all of that, has set this up – WAY, way before. And, ya know, I previously thought that the wet market release was intentional – you don’t put a P4 Lab in the middle of a city, that was very intentional, that that was supposed to be done, and that they intentionally did that.  That hand off – intentionally went bad, it was supposed to go bad, and so that was supposed to be released, so that they could then have the situation they have now, so that they could be in the situation where they’re in the population reduction, but the main harvest would come in the fall, so I think not only an economic drop, but we are going to see a population drop, and I think only the hand of God will discern – it will be God’s judgement – as far as how many, and who. Marker 47:35

N: Right, excellent.  Thank you both.  Now, Trump made a very interesting speech, in the CPAC speech yesterday, and I’m just gonna play some of it, it’s only 11 seconds, and Gene, you’re gonna go first, and Juan, you’re gonna go second – and then I’ll ask you both, so just listen to this…

Audio excerpt from Trump’s CPAC Speech:

(One of those brand new F35’s, and everything’s brand new, and we have a great military, and it’s coming soon, and they won’t be able to stop it, but the radical left)

N:  Did you hear that?

G: Yeah, I’d like Juan to go first, I prefer it. I want Juan to comment.  He’s much more precise in the detailing, so I appreciate the detailing, out of my loose terminology by Juan, so it’s a much better option.

N: I love the gentlemen, and the humbleness between us, ya know, it’s great. Ya know, this is what we need more of on this planet.  I mean, Trump says that military, something along the lines that they’ll be coming, and they’ll be taking over – Juan – what do you think about that?

J: Well, President Trump is – this unbelievably good – poker player.  And why I say that – is this is Casino Royale, in this round of the games, for America, and you have everybody bellying up to the table, and when you’re playing Casino Royale, only one person leaves the table with all the chips – there’s no second place – and so you’re playing the person across from you. Any poker player knows you get the hand that you’re dealt, but then you’re also trying to decide if the other guys got as good a hand as I have, or does he have a better one?  Does he have a crap hand, and he’s bluffing?  This is this whole thing, and you have to pick your moments, and maybe the other guy has a tell, and you play a hand, and play a hand, you win some, you lose some – you’re vying for opportunities where you feel very comfortable with your hand for some reason, and you feel comfortable that they don’t have that good hand, and you’re reading them very well. Marker 50:00

So that’s where you have this poker face, where you’re not giving the other guy simple signals as to whether or not, oh yeah, I’ve got a great hand – this is the one, this is the one – you’re… you’re not giving him any good leads – hand, to hand, to hand.  And if you are – you’re bluffing him a little bit, and trying to fool ‘em, about where you’re at.  That’s the whole point of good poker between guys. M: 50:28

So, President Trump – and I like saying it that way, because he is still President – for eternity, wasn’t impeached.  President Trump, is a master, at the poker face and not conveying what he really has in his hand, and sucking people into believing a certain thing, because they thought they heard what they heard, one way, and he was actually saying something completely different, and you just didn’t catch it – but he told ya.

And so, here at CPAC, and other private events, engagements, he repeated – over and over – it’s still about 2020, we’re not moving forward – and, as I explained to your audience in that long discourse that I just did – there is no civilian side, solution.  Congress – is a corrupt operation.  The Courts – are a captured, crooked court.  The Executive office has no motivation to do anything, because they’ve already put their guy in there and the people around him have locked in that positon.  So, the only way, that the American people, have a prayer, of recapturing control of their government, will be some type of a military response.  And as Mau said, “All power emanates from the barrel of a gun.”  Is it going to be the policing forces, under the Executive’s authority as President, where you have control of the Justice Department, policing US Marshalls, FBI, CIA, which is supposed to external, but is doing stuff internally – the Congress and the Courts – is it gonna be on that side?  Well, it’s all captured.  So the only place left, and even with the broad military going through all the drama with the shots, with the transgender thing, and the command structure permeated, the one place that isn’t taken is that WMD level, that nuclear level, and that command. For example Cheyenne Mountain has been locked up since March 15 of last year, under complete lockdown, and no new Biden people have been rotated in there, and that’s where you start your response back


You look at this situation, President Trump, is kind of giving you clues, but with an absolutely straight face, so that when it does happen, people won’t be completely shocked that have been paying close attention, and the ones that weren’t paying close attention, well, you’re along for the ride.  We’ve given reassurances to the rest of the public that is paying close attention, listening to words, hearing little things right, he wants them to have something to hold on by their fingernails with while this plays through.  We haven’t forgotten America, he hasn’t rolled over and given up, he’s not, ya know, he’s made little, subtle comments like – well, are you gonna get the Presidency back? Yep. – 2024, or before. Marker 54:00

N: Yep. Absolutely.  Gene, is there anything you would like to add?

G:  I would like to definitely, like Juan said, what we have seen is a takeover of the country in the highest level of Sun Tzu’s are of war,  in which you infiltrate and replace everything, and remove a government from the Constitution that we had, essentially to an Oligarchal, facist situation, in which a few elite run everything and have a bunch of puppets, in every level, everywhere.  And so they were able to do that, all the way up into the nuclear level, like Juan was talking, and there’s also a few levels beyond that –that are off planet, and are now cleaned out and working for the Alliance, under Trump. Marker 54:55

And so, that is continuing forward, and so without that the lower nuclear level and then the upper, off world forces. People have done their research and then they know solar board and that type thing. So, going into that, and going forward that we wouldn’t be in this situation where we could actually have this totally infiltrated.  Without 2020 going forward the way it had, and the fraud, the world wouldn’t know, and it’s not just here in the US.  Hungary had the exact same situation. Myanmar, the military actually kind of did take it back, but there’s kind of a mixed bag there.  So, you have this going on, not just now, it’s been going on since they put that system in Venezuela, the Scytl and then the Dominion software and all the machines, so this has been an ongoing thing for quite a long time, ya know. So, the world wouldn’t know about this world wide fraud if Trump hadn’t played it the way he had. Like Juan said, he’s an incredibly brilliant chess player, for me, it’s kinda beyond poker, its Casino Royale, or chess game, a 5D Chess game for the entire, for me it’s not just for the entire world, but at least our solar system. If you’re not talking about much more beyond due to the Nazi situation, starting in ’35 for off world assets that they had in their bases in Antarctica. World Base 211, so there’s a lot going on that we’re playing for humanity all over, way beyond what we’re thinking just globally. Marker 56:45

So, this is a Casino Royale for the human race, wherever, and everywhere it is, not just globally, it’s massive.  And so, he has to play it close to the cuff, to let people know in subtle talk like this, and very ‘under the cuff’ kinda thing.  So, ya know, it’s definitely a play by play, where you make a move, and then you diagram that out, like Juan had said in an earlier interview where the genius with Trump, who’s got a massive IQ, ya know, you’ve got how many derivations of moves, trying to get 20-30 moves out in a chess game, well a genius can hold in, let’s say like 100 million derivations, a genius can hold in 20% of that, Quantum computers can hold in half of that, only God can hold all that in and delineate which way this is gonna go.  So, because of the complexity of what we’re looking at, like, ya know there’s been things where there has been certain time frames, but the state had done like, dirty missile moves and things like that, and other moves, and so it’s massively complicated and ya know, and only the hand of God can discern which way, and when this is actually gonna come about, cause ya know, like Juan said, I’m kinda loose on the timelines, because you can’t predict the outcome.  We’re in the End Game now, but you still can’t predict the outcome of when, they’re in sudden death.  So they will lose, the question is how far do they wanna draw this game down.  Do you want to sacrifice all your pieces on the board, at what point, does the enemy want to concede.  The Cabal, has never been one to flip over the King at an early point.  They don’t call in the fake thing you wave on a stick with a piece of cloth for no reason, because when the British Empire was expanding their realm, they hired and trained their own Admiral’s and sailors, to fly different flags from different countries, and they’d come up alongside ships coming out of the New World with gold and other commodities, and then they would board and then they would try to take it over, they would lose that, they had incendiaries in the hull of the ship and they would go down with the ship – that’s how determined this group is. Marker 59:15 They will try to burn the whole thing down, and so like Juan had said in that interview I was referring to before, is that we can’t have a Civil War, an out and out war – anywhere – because if we do that, that plays exactly into their hands, that’s what they are, you’re playing into the enemies camp, you’re playing THEIR game then. That’s what they do.  They create war and they determine the victor, because they’re playing all sides, and so we have to play this really – and Trump is – really under the cuff and really smart. Marker 59:55

N: Absolutely. You know, thank you very much Gene.  Juan, you were at the CPAC speech yesterday, were there any comments made by Donald Trump in his speech, that were clues? Clues, that you would describe as clues that you would like to share with the viewers.

J: I think, in everything that President Trump said, he repeated over and over again, even though he has advisors close to him who want to talk about election integrity and 2022 and we gotta fix the vote in the future and everything else, he could not have been – more exacting and precise – over and over and over, both in the public meetings and behind the scenes meetings.  He specifically reiterated, every opportunity he could get – this is about election fraud 2020, and getting to the bottom of it.  And the people around him, that many of us are aware of, have been saying no, ya just gotta give it up, I was in meetings in DC here, a few weeks back, and people that meet with the President, ya know, every week or more, and they were saying, ya know, he just can’t get off election 2020 fraud, he just won’t give it up, he won’t, ya know – move on…  Well there’s a reason why he’s not moving on and they’re not getting it, they’re on the other side of the firewall.  He knows what the rest of the story is, what’s about to come – he’s actually giving them room – to come to his side of the discussion – and they’ve been slow to understand or figure this out, but Trump understands something a bit bigger, he’s trying to give them room to get on the right side of history. Marker 101:50 Because the reversal, ya know I did a bunch of shows here last year, over a year ago, on the seventeenth book of the bible, which is Esther, and the book of Esther, is all about reversals – it’s all about the flip – boomerang, and so you can go back and listen to those shows cause its explained there. 

This is about, and I’ve compared it to election 2020. It's going to to look like it’s all going one way, and then there’s going to be this flip and then there’s going to be this reversal and its going to go in completely the other direction, so a lot of people with the power and authority here in America, haven’t yet grasped – what’s about to happen – and it’s going to get more desperate before it gets better, because I did other shows talking about this ‘near-death’ experience for America.  Well anybody that’s gone through an actual, for real, near death experience, one of the common themes is, that at the last possible second, where they were in a bad, near death experience – where they’d gone to hell – and they’d say it was just, if I’d been there just one moment longer –I would never have gotten out – and then by the grace of God, some event happens and they cry out to God and something, when they knew it was the last possible moment and they’re saved. 


This, for America, is a near-death experience, and I do want to separate –when we go through what we are about to go through here in America – and complete this phase, the WORLD, isn’t won.  This isn’t all over for the world.  We’re just in the ‘Clean our own house up, recapture control of our own house, swept clean and re-occupied by the American people without these demonic monsters running our country, but there’s still a battle – and battles ahead, to re take control of the world from these globalists, who, they’re really Satanists who seek to enslave us as a planet, forever.  And so, to think that this is all over in a few months is not to understand the magnitude of the situation.  We didn’t get here overnight, we’re not gonna get it undone overnight, this is just about recapturing the helm, in the ship of state here in America at the most critical sights inside the bowel of the ship and the engine room – the monsters haven’t actually got that – but we still need to get control of the helm and this is a process, and before we regain that control – we have to take a bunch of people into custody – and go through the legal, judicial process – but we can’t do that on the Executive side of the American governments operation because that’s captured, corrupted, controlled by enemies who’ve come in and captured the control of the civilian side of government, the Executive side of government, which the President is the Executive of the United States. 


The command and control of nuclear, under the Commander and Chief, is where we start, then, as we recapture control in the military, because that’s not completely under control of the Commander and Chief at this point in time - of either side - then, we can have the military justice that is necessary to regain control of the rest of the ship of state of America from these foreign masters – or would be – masters that have invaded and taken positions of authority across the country.  That’s this –chess game – if you will, of getting control of locations, cornering pieces of an area of the board, and then systematically taking them out.  We’re playing 5D chess, it’s about, almost like a football match in the European/British type of a system where you have to do a scrum, protect a certain move, piece, and then move it to the other end of the field in order to get the score, and that’s the way we’re doing this chess game. Picking areas of the board, getting control of it and then moving to other areas of the board, getting control of it – it’s a process – because it’s not just 2-dimensional, it’s multi-dimensional, it’s not even 3 or 4 dimensional it’s 5D chess.  Not even 5 boards, but 5D. Marker 1:06:50

N: Right, Thank you, Juan. Gene did is there anything you’d like to add before I move on to my last question, please.

G: Sure. I find it amazingly interesting, like Juan said, the correlaiton of the book of Esther with Mortdecai and Hayman – and we have a “Hey, Man” always “Hey, man – hey, man…”  who’s supposed to be, most people think is the President, who – we know the inversion in the book of Esther of how Mortdecai and all that came about, and so totally agree that without, ya know, we take, as the boards had said, the 17 boards, without the ah, America goes – so goes the world.  So first, we have to take back the country, but then we have to make the world great again.  We have to take the world back from these Satanists.  It is definitely, from my research and with the DUMBS and all of that, if people realized what was beneath their feet - especially in Africa and South Africa - the level of which down there is beyond Satanic.  It’s so horrifically evil, I mean, it’s Satanic at a level I didn’t even understand existed when I first learned about Satanism, that I didn’t realize the depths of evil that this cabal is, and how horrifically, massively evil they are, and absolutely free of any kind of moral compass, or compassion, or discernment about others, other than their own chain of command under Satan, so that’s definitely what we’re up against, and ya know, we have to really, really be rooted solidly and have a moral compass, we cannot do what the cabal does, and let the ends justify the means, and that’s another thing that I really recognize and admire about Trump, is that it’s not about getting the job done, it’s about getting it done with morality, and correctly, with as much compassion to the average person and as much understanding and the least amount of damage as possible to the infrastructure and to humanity as a whole – worldwide – not just in this country. You can see how he is very respectful even with ‘way-ups’ in the cabal, where he talks about them, I have a great time when he comes back from some country that has a very dark, and evil person, well that’s an amazing person – just really compassionate, considerate, and respectful, so it’s one of my primary role models, is to try to be respectful in the manner that he is, and to see the good.  But for me to see the good in these incredibly decrepit, evil, Satanists is… I don’t know how he does it, because it’s beyond me. Because knowing the things that, not just the things they’ve done, but the volume of it, is beyond comprehension, so, thank you Nicholas. Marker 1:10:01  Really appreciate it, thank you.

N: Thank you, Gene.  So my last question, Juan this goes to you and then Gene you can answer as well, after this. So, do you think, Juan – it is reasonable to assume, that Trump and his administration, will reveal the audits of the recounts of the 2020 election - once he sued big tech – in order for the information to go out officially to the public.  Marker 1:10:43

J: You’re not gonna get through the legal process, soon enough in any viable, technical way, that’s gonna be satisfying to everybody.  That’s a long process, there’s lots of blocking moves, etc, that can happen in there, and the reality is , you’re not going to win this, accept a hearts and minds level – where the American public may agree that the data, the information, the data points is sufficient that nobody can really argue that this was a stolen, fraudulent push on our vote. You’re not gonna get courts and everything else to agree to that and even then, there’s no mechanism in the court system, really – there’s people, I’ve heard all the stuff and I’ve talked and had these discussions about the legalities involved in changing the way the electors voted, reversing stuff – but the reality is that on the mechanics, ya know, it’s almost impossible to see a way forward on the judicial side of the American government, on the Congressional side of the American government – to remove Biden as President, and install Trump as President – and it isn’t necessary. That’s the part – even if you want to go through all those gymnastics, the mental gymnastics to find a way forward to do that, the political willpower – the people involved are so invested, they’re so creative in finding ways to block and maneuver, that no real change would happen there, timely.  By the time you have that fight, it’s another version of civil war in America, and in the meantime – everybody’s burning down the cities and shooting everybody else up over who’s actually gonna run this operation. In order to keep the country from falling into that type of chaos, a multiyear type of a thing with this communications stuff in play… The only way that was ever going to work – and this is what people have to keep in mind – take a deep breath and understand what happens, is that once the American public has reached consensus above 80% of the voting, adult population, that this was a fraudulent vote, that it was a stolen vote, that 2020 can’t be allowed to stand – they will then be supportive and in step with, the military component coming in, and taking control of the country for a period of time, because the administrative side of the US government is a captured operation, not functioning properly and – with numerous traitors, seditionist, treasonous people involved there, that have to actually be taken under military control, into military custody, for tribunal type trials, not a trial in the regular court system with a crooked court, a captured court, but under military jurisdiction, and the cohorts down through the ranks looked at, and administration falling to the military side to get the country back under control because we are under attack – it was an act of war against America. 


Our military has to step in to protect the Constitution, the contract between the American public, and it’s government. In this case, the military is stepping in to protect the people during this intervening period until the dust settles, and then we see who is left that is still legally viable within the civilian side, and then find a way to conduct new elections, in this new terrain, to install people back into the civilian side of government, and then the military, according to the military code of justice, as quickly as safely possible, to reconstitute, re-install, lawful civilian control over the governing processes of the United States Government. In the interim, the military has the ball while they get things re-organized and stable as quickly as possible to have civilian elected officials running the country.  But because we’re in a war time state, Commander and Chief is the critical role and,  if you can’t work with the communications companies: Facebook, Twitter, various TV broadcasting and all that, you just shut it all down, go to Emergency Broadcasting and then retake control of those locations that might be under control of enemy provocateurs, and it’s not gonna be for years, it’s gonna be for days, and then re-start, and allow the communications to go forward with those groups that are in compliance or with other groups that may step to the fore to do their work. 


A lot of this stuff I talk about in my book, and the second edition is out, you’ve seen that, I’ve probably talked about it enough at different times.  That second edition is going to be available just a little bit longer and then we’re going to the third edition, sometime here in the near fall, and so, ya know, it takes several weeks to get ‘em out, especially oversees where you guys are at, and that won’t last too much longer, so those people that want to get it now, it’s beautiful, then anticipate the Third Edition, which is all new material in it, and that’s The Strom Edition, and I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun, I talk about that in the Second Edition book, and ya know, prayer.  Understand, that what the military is doing isn’t because it’s a coup, and it’s not a Banana Republic move of Generals to take over the country. It’s an interim thing, because we’re under attack, we have to support that here inside the country and people all over the… I just saw, did you see riots, essentially protests, I should say – they’re not tearing anything down, or burning anything up – but people in Cuba yesterday, saying “This is our country, we’re taking it back!” and sending Raul Castro a little message there, cause they’re tired of this crap going on in Cuba, of all places. Cuba – and they’re carrying US flags around the country, because they have HAD it! They have finally had it and I think that’s what we’re gonna find other places, but first – we have to get America, our own house in order – and then we can go out and help others around the world who want to be free of these tyrants, not to be their masters – but to be their brothers – to be our brothers, brother – in retaking control of the planet for We the Citizens, the People – and not for these people that would be our masters and our controllers and tyrants.  Marker 1:19:07

N: Thank you, Juan.  Thank you, so much. Gene, would you like to make any comments?

G: Yes. Again, what we saw was the highest art of war, of taking a country without a single shot and they are looking at that for the world.  And so, how do you UN-Do this, is you’ve got standard military ops, is  being in the military for twenty some years, you gotta re-take your comms. If that means you have to do court cases  first, to make people aware, because you gotta get 80% of the American voting public awake, to what’s going on, how Trump primarily got the people awake in the first place with social media, for the first time. So now that that’s gone, you’ve gotta make the optics available, to make sure people understand that that’s no longer available, and not really there. Additionally, you’ve gotta re-take your ground. You’ve gotta take your pivotal command centers back.  They have Cheyenne mountain completely locked up and locked down since this occurred, and ya know the situation there. You also then have to go through your own military structure and clean out any infiltration within that, and so before you make moves you’ve gotta make sure that’s done as you go from the top, down.  The top’s still clean at the military and the above level, so you’ve got to go down and clean out the lower ranks while you’re putting the optics out so that you have these big cases, I agree with Juan, we don’t have the time – to be involved in years of battling in court – yeah, it could be trillions of dollars suit when we get to the end with the social media and the big tech and all of that, and it likely will, but you’ve gotta clean that out first, by first doing a military situation, but it’s gonna be through the military, like God quite frequently does, is use the military, like we saw in Jericho, and all of that, where you clean up the situation, through the military, and by reestablishing comms, and taking down, and taking pivotal command centers and then working your way up.  Marker 1:21:22 

But you have to have people awake to that situation first. And like Juan said, I was looking for the footage, they sent it to me, of the footage from Cuba, where the people are taking to the streets, and they’re done.  And the American people gotta get to that point, where peacefully, like they did in Cuba, they take to the streets and said, No More.  We’re done.  We don’t want this Satanic cabal here anymore. We don’t want Communism, Fascism, whatever it is that you wanna call it.  We want a Representation like we had put in and installed by the Founding Fathers which, for me, the original Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as it was originally written FOR these United States FOR America, not the caps, and ALL CAPS, foreign entity and that. It was an inspired document, inspired by God, and so we need to get back on the… and then the American people have to understand the optics too.  It’s like a video that I saw, a music video, where “What happened to America?”  We put our bibles down, and we tuned into Xbox and all this other Satanic entertainment that is to divert us from the truth and from the foundation of who we are in this country.  We trusted God here and so we have to trust back in God, like Juan said through prayer and through understanding that the Satanic God - is NOT a god – he is a lesser being – and there is only ONE God that created all things, and we take a knee as a mass, in this country, and go back to the foundational principles that we trust in God first, then God will move for us, just like he did in Babylon, just like he did throughout the bible: Moses, Noah and on and on and on. 


It’s only this ‘hand of God’ coming that’s gonna pull this out because this cabal is so massively, ya know even with the four years it was starting to be disassembled, plus 10 years prior to that, with upper levels above nuclear and cleaned out off planet and all of that it’s only through the power of God, the creator of all things, that we’re gonna pull this out so I think that that pivotal move that has to happen first, is for 80% of the people to wake up, and pick back up their bible, and pick back up there prayer and get serious about being in service to God and to be serious about respecting as your supposed to be and taking care of your neighbor, and not being all about yourself and going “me, me, me, and mine” and not realizing that we’re all in this together, this whole planets in this, and if we continue in that mode of self-service, that is the cabal’s mode, than we brought this on ourselves by allowing ourselves to be mind-controlled, like Carlos Castenada said in his book, I believe it is “The Eagles Gift” the trick that the enemy did, is they gave us their mind, a mind about all about myself first, and not about I’m my brother’s and sister’s keeper, through the power of THE Creator, that gave us certain inalienable rights like it said, and the founding fathers said it. We were given certain inalienable rights, and not by what, by WHO, by God, and they were given to us by God.  We are not property, we are not ‘chattle’.  We are not certificated, titled, deeded, commodities to be moved around and under and above this planet.  So we need to take back our sovereignty, it was given to us, it was affirmed to us by the Founding Fathers, but it was given to us by God, and it’s only through our SOLID prayer that this will come about. Marker 1:25:33


G: So, I totally agree with Juan as he’s said so many times, that through prayer, this will see the hand of God on this country, and then this country put upright and then the world. So, praise God and thank you, God Bless. Marker 1:25:53

N: Thank you, Gene. Gentlemen, it’s been absolutely an honor to have you both on at once, it’s been an interesting interview.  Is there anything that you would both like to say to the viewers before we finish? Juan, you can go first.

J:  Hey, I greatly appreciate getting a chance to talk with your audience every time and I appreciate that there’s a… ya know, these are folks that are in a large measure outside of the US, directly, and so I appreciate a lot, the opportunity to talk with them, help them understand what’s going on here inside th US, put it in some kind of perspective.  I apologize if I’m a little bit long-winded or repetitive, but a lot of  times I have new people in the audience who may not have heard other presentations and I don’t want there to be a lot of misunderstanding unnecessarily, so I try to lay that ground work, each time, so that we’re not having a conversation with assumptions, but ya know, it’s based on things I precisely said. And there’s certainly people with lots of different views, more expansive views on some of this stuff, I’m trying to hold myself to specific things that relate to this exact moment and what’s about to happen and WHY, and the most important thing your listeners can do, because what happens to America does affect the rest of the world, and we want to be our brother’s, brother, and help in other places in the world.  This is a moment for prayer.  We’re in a precarious situation. In a situation like this, at any given moment, there’s a thousand things that could go wrong with the best laid plan of sincere, God-minded people, there’s all sorts of wild, bizarre, moves and counter moves that could be in play.  At the end of the day, that’s why I say there’s going to have to be a ‘hand of God’ moment, even yet, and I would be asking you to pray for the leadership in America, for the American people, that we won’t be thrown off, that they will not get us deterred from the direction that we HAVE to go, because as America goes, so goes the rest of the world.  We need America intact, we need our leadership to be Godly minded, and then we can come to be our brother’s, brother for the rest of the world.  There’s horrible tragedies and crisis taking place in Lebanon and Nigeria, really across Africa in many places and throughout Central and South America, it’s horrendous some of the evils that are happening, especially – to children.

There’s more slaves on planet Earth right now – than ever in human history – combined.  We have more slaves right now, than ever.  How can that be allowed to happen, in this – so called ‘modern’ era?  That cannot happen, that can’t be allowed to stand.  We have to stop that in our age, or we share, and bear the guilt of it. We have to get our act together, consolidate our forces, and stop these monsters and it’s in our era, our age, our lifetime.  Someday, God willing, our children and our grandchildren will look to us and ask – at that most critical time in history – what were you doing?  Where were you?  How did you act to save the world, or didn’t act, and left us to this horrible calamity. Generations that haven’t even been born yet, will either bless your name, bless your existence for having done the fight at this critical moment, or curse you for not having lifted a finger to protect them in the ages to come.  This is our moment – we have to own it.  

Be God’s children. Be the man. Let’s get in the fight.  Let’s take our planet back for the generations we haven’t seen born yet.  Marker 1:30:35

N:  Thank you, Juan and Gene, over to you.  Is there anything you would like to say to the viewers before we finish?

G: That was quite eloquent.  Other than that, I would say be the man and the woman that God created you to be and stand up and be heard, and let your brother and your sister and God know the truth, as much as you can. I know it’s hard to wake people up, ya know, I’ve been trying to do this for 30+ years, but we’re now getting to the tipping point, ya know, 30 years ago I would have been able to wake up 1 out of 1000, now I hit 3 or 4 out of 5 people already know this.  We’re heading toward the 80% mark and so I don’t see anything stopping what’s coming, but we need to leave a legacy, and when we get done and we leave here – I know from my death experience of 30 minutes – that what you take with you – like the cabal thinks they’re gonna take all this with them, the only thing you take with you is what you left behind what you shared and how you helped others, and your greed and all that other stuff, if that’s what you leave behind, you’re gonna have a rude shock coming when you leave your physical form. So, leave a legacy behind in which you can lift up your head to God.  I did my best, and I stood up for what was right, and I stood up for God’s laws and the laws of the children and the rights of the children above all.  Like Juan said, the amount of trafficking is… people wouldn’t even believe me if I said the numbers that I know that are being held in the DUMBS in Africa.  The number is so massive it’s beyond comprehension, and so we have to make this so that our great grandchildren can look back and have, and not going… WOW – why didn’t you didn’t you do anything, instead of “I am so proud that you stood up for what was right and that you did God’s calling.” And so I couldn’t say it any more eloquently other than what Juan said except for that little piece and thank you and God bless.

J: Gene… Gene, let me just add one thing.  Ya know, people are always saying, God Bless, God Bless and God be with you… etc.  Ya know, you have to be in a position, for blessing. And if you can’t raise your finger to protect the innocent – remember – over HALF the slaves on planet Earth right now, are children, and most of those, are sex slaves.  They’re crying out, asking God for something – please come get me, please come help me – that’s us.  That’s the ones that God would send.  You want God’s blessing, God’s protection, God’s supply, then you have to do things that are in alignment, in step, with the will of God.  It is not the will of God, that tyrants rule, that children are slaves, that pedophilia is rampant. And so, we have to, if you want God, if you want to be in the will of God, you have to go do things… you don’t have to ask God – should I stop child sex trafficking?  You just do it because you know what’s right, and if you don’t know what’s right, then you’re not even paying attention. If you know what’s right, you should be doing it, you shouldn’t have to ask those kind of directions. You don’t need that kind of direction. Stop it. Not on our watch. And then, God will lift his hand to protect you, if you’ll lift your hand to protect innocents.  That’s our job right now.  That’s what’s ahead for us.  And the only reason for saving America and saving the world, is because we’re doing the will of God.  The fact that this stuff is happening – has us out of step with the will of God, and those of us that are awake and aware – need to be moving quickly now to do that which we know to be right, and thereby obtain the protection and the blessing, from God almighty.

N: Thank You

G: Exactly Juan.  You have to look in your heart and your soul and know what’s right and do the right thing.  That’ll be our lesson and our legacy and so, as we say in the military – God Speed. If with finding the grace of God within ourselves to do the right thing.

J: God’s speed, faster than the speed of light… God Speed.

N: Gentlemen, it’s been a wonderful honor to have you, thank you very, very much. You’re doing… you’re both doing fantastic work. Thank you and God Bless and we’ll speak very soon.

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