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Country Music Billboard Artist & Army Veteran Derek Johnson:

It’s Time to Take Down the Corrupt Systems



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Sooooooo, why has “Biden” extended ALL Executive Orders by Donald John Trump that have National Emergencies declared in them? 🤭 

Perhaps the Federal Continuity Directives 1 & 2

aka Continuity of Government 🤭

“But Derek, many Presidents have operated under Executive Orders from previous administrations.” 

👉🏻 Not “extensions.” 

👉🏻 What also makes this scenario different via EOs, but also a History Repeat of WWII are 9 important things:

1. Article II of the Constitution 
2. First War Powers Act
3. Second War Powers Act
4. Executive Order 13912
5. Executive Order 13919 
6. Executive Order 13963
7. Commonwealth Act 671
8. Military Justice Act 2016
9. 10 United States Code 12406

Article II gives the President the title Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy. 

Marines are a Department of the Navy.

Space Force is a Department of the Air Force.

The Coast Guard is a Department of Homeland Security during Peacetime and is transferred to the Department of Defense under the Navy during times of War.

Our Founders established a Military first, the Army, Navy, and Marines long before Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The Military Justice Act of 2016 is where the Supreme Court clarified Military Laws, Courts, and Personnel are separate from Civil Laws, Courts, and Personnel.

Due to Article II, during WWII, Congress gave the President power to change the structure of the Executive Branches power to declare war in what is now called the First War Powers Act aka War Powers Act 1941 which is found in 50 United States Code. 

The Second War Powers Act allowed the president to allocate resources for national defense. During WWII, Interstates and all Airports were used for Military Aircraft and Transport. All United States Military and those from the Law of War Manual, Abraham Accords, USMCA, and other allies are using all of our regional, municipal, and International airports since January 2021. 🤭

Donald John Trump declared 9 National Emergencies, the last being EIGHT months before November 3, 2020 (Election Day)… “Biden” has extended ALL of those under the Federal Continuity Directives 1 & 2… hence why it’s called a Continuity of Government 🤭

Executive Order 13919 gave direct authorization to the Secretary of Defense to Federalize the Reserve Components to Active-Duty.

Executive Order 13963 changed the Order of Succession within the Department of Defense with 18 bullet points of who’s under the Secretary of Defense.

Executive Order 13912 is where DJT federalized 1 Million Reserve Components (National Guard) to Active-Duty for no more than 24 consecutive months (March 2020 - March 2022) in which “Biden” extended twice, now making the EO active to March 2024. 🤭

The ONLY person who can Federalize the National Guard to Active-Duty is the President of the United States in 10 United States Code 12406.


Governors only have control of the NG for State Emegencies only. 

The National Guard have been out of their States and this Country every single day since their Federalization and “Biden” has extended the Executive Order that Federalized them… which is the COG due to the fact he’s an actor.

Also used in World War II, known as the Commonwealth Act #671…

where an actor was placed into public view

while the real President of the Philippines was in exile in full control of his Military and protection of his people. 

Franklin D. Roosevelt is titled a “Wartime President” based off those Acts and his notable speech to Congress “a date which will live in infamy.” 

The Mainstream Media are under 47 United States Code 606 titled Priority Communications: “War Powers of the President.” 

👉🏻 “Never again will we voice to the people what’s going on with the Military because if you find out, guess who else does?” DJT 2016 Campaign Speech. 

And the whole point of a Continuity of Government is to keep the government moving forward… why if time only moves forward? Think about it…

The media “tells” you without “telling you.

Post from Derek:                                               

President Trump extended his Power as President via LAW and ORDER of the Constitution. 

Executive Orders:
National Emergencies issued
Presidential Emergencies issued
👉🏻Both unaddressed by Congress👈🏻
Presidential Emergency Active Document
Stafford Act
Presidential Emergencies Act
Title 10
Title 32
10 US Code 246
10 US Code 12406
47 US Code 606 - War Powers of the President 
Articles II and IV of the Constitution 

My story does not change. Why? Because those are all LAW and ORDERS from January 20, 2017, to present day.


The ONLY person who can Federalize National Guard to Active Duty is the President. #READEmAndWeep 

National Guard: 

Air National Guard:

Understanding the Guard's Status:

10 US Code 1209: Active Duty

The President is the Boss: 

10 US Code 12301:

10 US Codes:

10 US Code: Military Law

10 US Code: Reserve Components

10 US Code 12401:

10 US Code 12402:

10 US Code 12404:

10 US Code 12405:

10 US Code 12406:

10 US Code 12407:

47 US Code 606: War Powers of the President

Capt KYLE, [2/20/2023 6:49 PM]
All it takes is a little reading… ☠️

Title 50 Chapter 34 defines National Emergencies 😎

President Trump declared 3… one in Executive Order 13848 and two more verbally in 2020… NEVER addressed by Congress.

Which is he Federalized 1,000,000 National Guard and Reserves no more than 365 CONSECUTIVE days to Active Duty as specified in

Executive Order 13912 and 10 United States Code Chapter 1209 which backs Article II of the Constitution - the Presidents roles and duties.

It’s very brilliant and epic what’s going on and how they pieced this together ☠️🇺🇸

1776 Nation


FM 6-27 MCTP 11-10C


Here’s another. Counterinsurgency 3-24. April 2018.


Posted on telegram from

DEREK JOHNSON regarding Brunson brothers filed lawsuit. 👇

It's been brought to my attention about the Brunson vs. Adams, docket 22-380, filed to the Supreme Court in Utah in October 2022... which is getting some “excited” and I'm here to wreck the party and I’m going to break this down as vanilla as possible.
What the Filing is about:
“He alleged that before accepting the electoral votes on January 6, 2021, defendants intentionally refused to investigate evidence that the November 2020 presidential election was fraudulent.”
Brunson vs. Adams:
In order to understand why this filing is irrelevant, this is why I have been showing the two different angles the Military is in complete control of our Nation via the

Law of War Manual 2016 and the

Military Justice Act 2016 that tie in with the

Uniform Code of Military Justice (Military Law) and Federal Laws.
This has NEVER been about 'Election Fraud' from the Voter or State. 
One… this is Military Operation, a Covert Operation, Military Occupancy as defined in the Law of War Manual.

It was published in June 2015, updated in December 2016. Also, the Military Justice Act of 2016, shows the Supreme Court outlining Military Law and Courts is/are separate the Civil Laws and Courts which combined sets the stage for the Laws and Orders put into place from January 20, 2017, to January 20, 2021, the National Guard being Federalized to Active-Duty Status in March 2020 to present day, which all lead to the grand finale Military Tribunals / Commissions (Court Trials) as reported on December 29, 2021, by the New York Times.
Two, the Military Alliance of Generals plugged (planted) Trump where the people could see a visual President

(which is a Continuation of Government) in Presidential Form to use and reverse all the fraudulent laws, codes, and statutes, of the Federal Corporation of the District of Columbia that violates the Constitution of the United States of America (the highest Law in the Land) and to dismantle the RINOS of the Federal Corporation. 
CIC Trump as visual President took all the Laws, Codes, Orders, Acts, and Statutes and applied them as they legally read, not how they were abused by the Corporate RINOS.

Doing so, allows the American people to see the RINOS implode from within from top to bottom without being able to point any fingers and be accused of abuse of power or laws. 
The Military and CIC were never going to make this known. But a LOT more people should be awake by now with understanding of what he says “we’re going to give the power back to the people” means.
The Military works on a Chain of Command, Intelligence, and Orders. We are a Nation of Laws and Orders. They work very well when people know how the Government works, it’s our right and our duty.
In 2016, candidate Trump made it very clear what was coming (hindsight 20/20). On the campaign in 2016, “Never again will we voice to the public what we’re doing with the Military… if you find out, guess who else does?”
Plus, it’s a different kind of war as he proclaimed over and over and over. It’s an invisible and hidden enemy not from abroad, but from within.
The Military Occupancy in the United States is dismantling the Washington Establishment known as the RINOS from the Supreme Court all the way down to State Courts, Governors, Attorney Generals, House of Representatives, and Senators who use and abuse the Voting System by placing their candidates in positions to conduct their money laundering schemes and control for genocides, trafficking, and their secret society get rich while appeasing and suppressing the American people via chaos, divisions, and distractions for many, many years. 
These evil and dirtbag RINOS have used the word "constitution" along with those to deceive you the people into believing they're quoting the Constitution of the United States of America, as data shows roughly 70% of Americans know NOTHING about the Constitution much less our History, Foundation, Quotes,

Those unaddressed National Emergencies allowed President Trump to utilize Emergency Powers and War Powers of the President under Article
II and IV of the Constitution along with the National Emergencies Act, the Stafford Act, Executive Order 12148, 13912, 13919, 13848, 13961,
10 US Code Chapter 1209, 10 US Code 12406, 47 US Code 606, but more specifically 13912 and 10 US Code 1209 and 12406 to Federalize the
National Guard to Active Duty EXTENDING his powers as President.

Title 50 Chapter 34 specifically states the President is the ONLY who can terminate a National Emergency.

Those National Emergencies were not and have not been terminated. And until they're addressed and terminated, the National Guard are Active
and orders have not been and will not be rescinded until those are addressed.

Who declared the National Emergencies? President Trump. Who gets to terminate the National Emergencies? President Trump.

The National Guard will be at Active Status until those are terminated.

How do you know? The National Guard have been out of their states and the country EVERY single day since January 2021 to PRESENT day (in
which I have thousands of pictures in my documents and phone showing so).

The ONLY way they can be out of their state = Federalized.

The ONLY person who can Federalize the National Guard to Active Duty

That's specifically outlined in 10 US Code 12406.

The SAME Title 10 that EVERY single Soldier has every DIED under or SWORE in under Oath to protect the SAME Constitution in the Oath.

"I, Derek Johnson, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and
domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the
officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God."


Uniform Code of Military Justice = Military Law.

The National Guard is a state-based military force that becomes a part of the reserve components of the United States Army and the United
States Air Force when activated for federal missions.

President Trump specifically Federalized 1,000,000 National Guard for no more than 365 Consecutive days...

in Executive Order 13912

(March 27, 2020) and 10 US Code Ch. 1209.

Keyword: Consecutive. Meaning rotations of units until Operations are complete which means when the National Emergencies are addressed and terminated in which only HE can do because HE declared those, Congress failed to address those, and because they failed their role and duty,
HE had to Federalize them to Active Duty and use Emergency and War Powers of the President to extend his Power.

Who was the President in 2017, 2018, 2020, and January 17, 2021?

"Biden" EXTENDED Executive Order 13848 TWO YEARS in a row now PAST its DEADLINE.

Why would "Biden" extend an Executive Order that has a NATIONAL EMERGENCY declared AND an Election Fraud Committee with two VERY important dates in there of how they would REPORT the Fraud? WHY would "he" EXTEND an Order with a DEADLINE that was DECLARED TWO years BEFORE Covid and the 2020 Presidential Election in which the National Emergency was declared? 

Why not let the Order expire? The Order had an expiration each time in September 2021 and 2022. So, if "Biden" is President, why would he EXTEND an Order that has a National Emergency declaration and Election Fraud Committee? 

"Biden" has never mentioned the words: Space Force from his mouth, NOT ONE TIME.

President Trump ended the Air Force Space Program and created the Independent Space Force Program and declared it a Military Branch.

Which is also ties into the Quantum Initiative in which he signed in Executive Order 13885, the National Quantum Act, which are both
displayed on

In August this year, the Army and other branches transferred ALL communications to the Space Force under ONE COMMAND.

ALL communications are now under ONE command of the Space Force, in which once again, "Biden's" NEVER uttered the words, NOT ONE TIME.

ALSO simultaneously and parallel to Military and Federal Laws, the Blueprint is also backed by the Law of War Manual which is being run by a Military Occupancy to the tee.

The November 5 (11.5) Article via Fox News SHOWING you the National Guard Cybersecurity Teams being activated in 14 states allowed you to VISIBLY see and know the National Guard are operating. When they do NOT operate at YOUR pace and based on what YOU think should be seen does NOT mean there's nothing happening. Strategic Operations DO NOT work like that which once again proves why 99% of America do NOT serve and 97% have NEVER served. 

The 11.5 article parallels the 11.5 Law of War Manual. For the 18th BILLIONTH time... read it.

Chapter 11.5 titled:

"Duty of the Occupying Power to Ensure Public Order and Safety." pg. 773

There's MANY more OPTICS and information in my documents to prove what's going on if you'll simply read, re-read, study, repeat.  

In September, the Ohio National Guard deployed troops overseas.The Article specifically says: "Military Officials say..."

If Biden was President, he would have ALL the SAME powers as EVERY other President...

How come the Military does NOT recognize him? 

How come the "Commander-in-Chief Biden" isn't mentioned in ANY articles deploying the National Guard anywhere?

Why are the National Guard out of their states and the country every single day? They have to have ORDERS. ANY "Veteran" who says otherwise is a FOOL. The ORDERS have not been rescinded because the Operation is ongoing because the ADDRESSING to the Nation of National Emergencies have not happened because they have NOT been TERMINATED.

Last I checked, the Commander-in-Chief is the Top Rank in all of the Military.

How come the Secretary of Defense approved the mission for the Baby Formula shortage in May and not "President Biden?"... You know, the
"President" who would have the SAME powers as every other President...

Remember...the Optics of the Secretary of Defense above. 

You don't have to like the Covert Operation or Military Occupancy...but it's ALL in Laws and Orders and visual Operations, I cannot make
you read or understand. With or without me, this World Joint Covert Operation is still happening.

So before you pipe off in the comment box... make sure you understand the SAME Military Laws, Regulations, Constitution, US Codes I put in a Blueprint to outline this Operation in MULTIPLE videos and posts... 

Are the SAME Military Laws, Regulations, Constitution, US Codes every Memorial Grave you see above... fought and paid the Ultimate Sacrifice for.

We did NOT need the 2022 Midterm to prove anything nor was it the "finish line."

The signing of Executive Order 13848 in September 2018 TWO years before Covid and the 2020 Presidential Election wrapped around MULTIPLE Laws, Orders, Regulations, Optics, Operations from 2017 to 2021 from both Military and Federal Sectors holds ALL of the evidence and optics to show all that was needed was 2016, 2018, and all of the evidence of fraud before 2016.

"We have it all." 
"We've caught them all."
"All crimes and evidence of will be displayed to the public in full accordance to the law."

Until then, it's an ongoing Operation.

Until those National Emergencies are TERMINATED by the President who declared them and until the National Guard are back in their State Militia status as outlined in 10 US Code Chapter 1211 Section 12401, 12402, 12403, 12404, 12405, 12406. #READDDDDDDD

Tired of reading the same Laws, Codes, Regulations, and posts? GREATTTTTT... because it's NOT that complicated. The GREAT thing about it is...  if you'll simply seek to read and understand what's in place... it's a Blueprint and the Laws, Orders, Regulations in place do NOT change! 

Military Law > Federal Law > Opinions > Slanders.

"It's better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt." - Mark Twain

#NOTHINGCanStopWhatsComing 🇺🇸😎☠️





Stream April 24 > Derek Johnson GITMO Tribunals,

Trump Comms, Military


Derek Johnson on Q SCHQQL



Derek Johnson Stream 4/16/23 > U.S. Military Report📢

Join us in Telegram:


Derek Johnson and Dr. Scott Young Talk

President Trump's Executive Orders along with NESARA 4-16
What does Executive Order 13818 mean to Patriots? How does bankruptcy affect the Fed? Will EO 13848 handle the Continuity of

P.E.A.D.'s Presidential Emergency Action Documents
Many believe DJT is still CIC (Commander In Chief) due to PEAD's
It happens to still be proven to this day some might say. Derick Johnson is perhaps the most famous for pointing out facts that support this argument. 

He points out that Biden's inaugural did not have the proper military ceremony mandated by military law, yet DJT did have the proper inaugural ceremony of a newly elected president on that same day. 

 see here:

1776 Nation - The Documents - 1776 Nation
New Documents Added as of 2/22/2023! The Why’s in 2022 and 2023 looking back on 2017 to 2021 by Derek Johnson

Updates:Part One: Covert Operation by Derek Johnson

1776 Nation


Derek Johnson breaks down CIC Trump's Maralago Speech

on April 4, 2023

🎬 ⚔️ 🇺🇸 ⚖️ Mar 30 2023 - Derek Johnson + Juan O Savin + DJT > Do You CIC It Yet?* Trump Is CIC Commander In Chief * MIL Continuity Of Government In Effect * Federal Continuity Of Government


SGAnon Trust the Q Plan > Jan 4, Stream Thx Juan O Savin, Derek
📢 Join us in Telegram:


Derek Johnson Clips: The Military did not want a Hostile takeover


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September 28, 2022


Laura Mae

Derek Johnson was live (9-20-22) PART 1

Sep 20, 2022

Randel Locke

Derek Johnson was live (9-20-22) PART 2

Derek Johnson Live Updates 9-15-22

Premiered Sep 16, 2022

derek johnson dissident dispatch.jpg

0006 Derek Johnson

Trump is Still Your President -

Military is in Control

Dissident Dispatch

Sep 4

In his video Derek lays down the law, as in Military Law, where he clearly and concisely explains how and why Donald J. Trump is still your president of these beautiful United States of America.

Tighten your saddle and hold tight to the reins because today we take part in an emotional patriotic MAGA stampede with US Army veteran and country musician Derek Johnson.

This Dispatch is all about Mr. Johnson. We play the audio from his viral Facebook live video, which is waking up sleeping normie’s faster than the Biden’s administrations baby formula shortage and high gas prices.

In his video Derek lays down the law, as in Military Law, where he clearly and concisely explains how and why Donald J. Trump is still your president of these beautiful United States of America.

For those conservatives and patriots languishing in the media induced despair that artificially shows this once great country’s government is now under the complete control of a crooked communist regime, you need to brighten up and hear what Derek has to say, because if he is right, Trump and the military are running the nation and we are living through a modern day 1776 moment where the United States is about to be reset back to what our Founding Fathers originally laid out in the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

No full transcript for this one folks, just a great audio.. hope you enjoy!


EASY SHARE Link Derek Johnson

 Donald J Trump is Still Your Commander and Chief

EASY SHARE Link Juan O Savin Gene Decode

Donald J Trump is Still Your Commander and Chief



AN OVERVIEW - Full podcast below


Donald J Trump is Still Your Commander and Chief

DJT is the commander in chief of the Armed Forces of the USA

US Corporation has been bankrupted.
All the States need to sign on to the Republic.


The Real 2nd Declaration of Independence

Signed by President Trump



Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 9, 2021

derek Screenshot-2022-09-05-at-18-08-51-Former-Military-Derek-Johnson-Discusses-Trumps-Law
derek 1662579934-Ninos-Corner-amp-Derek-Johnson-quot-Pres-Trump_hires-810155051.jpg


Ninos Corner & Derek Johnson

"Pres Trump - Military is Only Way"

One News Page

Trusted News Discovery Since 2008

Thursday, September 8, 2022

derek patriot street Eagle-and-Flag.jpg


Patriot Streetfighter interviews

Country Music Billboard Artist & Army Veteran Derek Johnson:

It’s Time to Take Down the Corrupt Systems

September 2, 2022

Patriot Streetfighter interviews Country Music Billboard Artist & Army Veteran Derek Johnson: It’s Time to Take Down the Corrupt Systems. Scott Mckay has a great discussion with Derek Johnson about the many parts that make up the corrupt Deep State system. A few days ago we posted a viral video of an army veteran telling people the proof that he can show that Joe Biden does not have all of his full Presidential Powers. That veteran giving that interesting presentation was Derek Johnson. Derek has additionally worked in the Nashville and country music industry and he talks about the corruption in that system also.

derek charlie ward photo_2022-09-08_11-18-42.jpg

Derek Johnson, US Military Veteran, had top-secret military clearance. He is not violating any military regulations. 

derek 1662635426-Michael-Jaco-Interview-With-Derek-Johnson_hires.jpg

Michael Jaco Interview With Derek Johnson

One News Page

Trusted News Discovery Since 2008

Thursday, September 8, 2022

derek 1776 photo_2022-09-08_11-48-00.jpg

Website to access Derek Johnson's Documents 👆


The Military & Constitution Regulated Inauguration – President Trump by Derek Johnson

Covert Operation by Derek Johnson

What’s REALLY Happening in Ukraine by Derek Johnson

Optics 101 by Derek Johnson

Hindsight is 2020 by Derek Johnson

Military Aircraft Operations & Optics by Derek Johnson

Aircraft Operations Continued – Aug 2022 to Present Day by Derek Johnson

Jason Q, Lance S & Derek Johnson

ScrewBigGov Published September 3, 2022

Derek Johnson links and documents:

Majestic Mushrooms:

Pine Needle Extract:

Ascent Coffee:

Truth Tour 1 Videos:

Links for Lewis Herms:



Truth Tour Tickets:

Derek Johnson - Captain Kyle's Chat (8-30-22)

Aug 31, 2022

Derek Johnson - The Truth Seekers 88 LIVE (8-29-22)

Premiered Aug 30, 2022

Derek Johnson Live Stream (8-27-22)

Aug 28, 2022

Patriot Underground :

Q - Trump - Derek Johnson Huge Intel Drop!!!!!

Q Team Published September 9, 2022

Derek Johnson Interviews on YouTube

Randel Locke



1776 Nation 

3h  · 1-30-2024

Mess with the bull… you get the horns.

Last night when we opened up questions, one who was trolling the wall, was allowed to talk and typical hater, someone I’ve encountered before from the hate group, who acts all normal, yet you can tell is condescending, thinks they know it all, says no war has been declared.

So, time.

The LAST time the U.S. FORMALLY declared war using specific terminology, on any nation was in 1942, when war was declared against Axis-allied Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania, because President Franklin Roosevelt thought it was improper to engage in hostilities against a country without a formal declaration of war. Since then, every American president has used military force without a declaration of war.

The United States has formally declared war against foreign nations in five separate wars, each upon prior request by the president of the United States. Four of those five declarations came after hostilities had begun. James Madison reported that in the Federal Convention of 1787, the phrase "make war" was changed to "declare war" in order to leave to the executive the power to repel sudden attacks but not to commence war without the explicit approval of Congress. Debate continues as to the legal extent of the president's authority in this regard.

Public opposition to American involvement in foreign wars, particularly during the 1930s, was expressed as support for a Constitutional Amendment that would require a national referendum on a declaration of war. Several constitutional amendments, such as the Ludlow Amendment, have been proposed that would require a national referendum on a declaration of war.

After Congress repealed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in January 1971 and President Richard Nixon continued to wage war in Vietnam, Congress passed the War Powers Resolution (Pub. L.Tooltip Public Law (United States) 93–148) over the veto of Nixon in an attempt to rein in some of the president's claimed powers. The War Powers Resolution proscribes the only power of the president to wage war which is recognized by Congress.

In 1973, following the withdrawal of most American troops from the Vietnam War, a debate emerged about the extent of presidential power in deploying troops without a declaration of war. A compromise in the debate was reached with the War Powers Resolution. This act clearly defined how many soldiers could be deployed by the president of the United States and for how long. It also required formal reports by the president to Congress regarding the status of such deployments, and limited the total amount of time that American forces could be deployed without a formal declaration of war.

All straight from here:

Notice the 3 Tabs:

Declarations of wars

Undeclared wars

War Powers Resolution

Undeclared wars:

There is no specific format required under United States law for the way an official war declaration will be structured or delivered. The United States Constitution states: "The Congress shall have Power […] To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water".

As of August 2013, the United States Congress has formally declared war 11 times, and has not done so since 1942; 6 of these were WWII declarations.

The United States did not declare war during its involvement in Vietnam, although the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution authorized the escalation and use of military force in the Vietnam War without a formal declaration of war. On at least 125 occasions a US president has employed military forces without authorization from Congress.

One of the most significant of these occasions was the Korean War, where the United States led a peacekeeping United Nations force to stop North Korea's aggression against South Korea. The conflict resulted in over 142,000 American casualties (about 40,000 deaths and over 100,000 injuries).

Undeclared wars:

War Powers Resolution:

The War Powers Act is a federal law intended to check the U.S. president’s power to commit the United States to an armed conflict without the consent of the U.S. Congress.

The resolution was adopted in the form of a United States congressional joint resolution. It provides that the president can send the U.S. Armed Forces into action abroad only by declaration of war by Congress, "statutory authorization", or in case of "a national emergency created by attack upon the United States, its territories or possessions, or its armed forces".

I guess that’s why CIC Trump declared 11 National Emergencies via 11 Executive Orders, ALL of which have been extended past their two year clauses, 3 years in a row now.

With the key lines of the War Powers Act of 1973 being:

“President’s power to commit the United States to an armed conflict without the consent of the U.S. Congress.”

“It provides that the president can send the U.S. Armed Forces into action abroad only by declaration of war by Congress,”

And he can MOST CERTAINLY protect his Nation as CIC by federalizing HIS Military inside the boundaries and borders for protection of HIS people.

I guess that’s why the LAST amended section of THE WAR POWERS ACT OF 1973 on the was put their by Donald John Trump which also means the Congress signed off on it as well.

I guess that’s why the LAST amended sections of 10 United States Codes §12302 and §12304 are CIC Donald John Trump’s Executive Orders 13912 and 13919, on the federalization of 1,000,000 Reserve Components activating ALL reserves, even retirees.

Those must be revised, revoked, rescinded, or have a resolution termination.

They have not. Hence why “Joe” has extended 11 EOs with 11 National Emergencies declared by CIC Trump.

3 of those 11 make ZERO LEGISLATIVE sense why “Joe” would do so if this was NOT a Military Occupation and Continuity of Operations Plan.

Executive Order 13818 Human Rights Abuse with the Hunter Biden laptop proving women of all ages, and links to Daddy Joe.

Executive Order 13959 Freezing the assets and blocking the property of those illegally funding the Chinese Military, when he’s been a China man for YEARS, linked with Obama, the Clintons, and DemocRats.

Executive Order 13848 Election Interference. Why in the would “Joe Biden” extend the very Order that would cancel “his Presidency” if he was actually President? It was Biden vs. Trump in 2020, last I checked.

This Order was signed 2 months before any kind of Election under CIC DJT, Sept. 12, 2018. Meaning, at that time, the only Election Interference evidence they would have had was 2016 and prior, so, that should also tell one, this is now a LAW and we will be tracking the Elections moving forward, in which MSM told everyone the National Guard were at precincts in 2018, 2020, and 2022.

The National Guard isn’t there to make sure Living Room Larry doesn’t knock out a Basement Boy Billy at the polls. That’s NOT how that works.

All 11 EOs with NEs would expire after 2 years. So, why not just let them terminate on their own?

Why would “Joe” extend all 11 of those especially 3 outliers that make zero sense based on the context plus his history?

ALL the Military movement around the world are coming from §1550 and §12302 and §12304.

Congress put it there by the Order of the President.

No, there’s no way to find a PEAD right now, but by ALL the other actions, orders, and visuals, it’s easy to see to see a PEAD would have been signed to expand CIC Trumps powers as President and CIC.

I call him CIC because the Orders are Wartime Orders.

A clear visual is a Vice President saluting soldier and those rendering in return.

We don’t salute VPs and they don’t salute soldiers.

People like that clown, who just wants attention, wants to instigate, or simply hate, is why America looks the way it does.

Simple reading and comprehension.

You don’t have to like what’s going on.

You don’t have to like CIC Trump.

You don’t have to like the laws and orders in place.

That’s fine. But coming at me or anyone saying “it doesn’t mean that,” “nothing is happening” or anything else simply because you’re one of those 3 above… you’re only hurting yourself, your family and friends.

This Operation is for humanity, ridding the world of evil in many facets.

So, remember, when you present yourself like that, all of us good guys and gals, from all different walks and life’s and backgrounds, must treat you as one of those wanting to replace what’s been removed due to your responses and actions.

Legislation is how our Nation functions and operates.

Not drama and instigators who haven’t even even read ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb.’

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