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The Old History of the New Republic




Many of you have seen that phrase, and wondered – what is it - that all these ANONS,

THINK they know –that the rest of us – appear NOT to know??


I’m gonna try and work that out for you.


All that I’m about to lay out for you here – is my PERSONAL BELIEF. 

Agree, don’t agree – it doesn’t matter to me. 


Many people often ask me “What’s your source?”

5+ years of constant research and Divine Intervention.


The first thing you must understand, is that if there is darkness – there must also, be light.

If we are assuming that statement is true –then, if there are ‘good guys’ there must also be ‘bad guys’

And if there is a God – then it’s quite likely, there must also be a Devil.


The Devil – is often referred to – as THE GREAT DECIEVER.  

So, if you were the devil, and you wanted to deceive – where would YOU start?


Well, this devil, here on Earth - and his minions - they decided to mess with God’s Word. 

777 actual books of the Bible.

They left us – 66 – and that number, was NO ACCIDENT. Remaining number 711, no accident either.

How Convenient, was that for all of us? 


Bible Missing Books / Sea Scrolls


In the bible, we know the story of the Garden of Eden, and the Serpent, and Adam and Eve and Cain and Able.  

We think that whole story is about the apple – but it’s actually – about the serpent.  

Remember how President Trump has told “The Snake Story” a few times??

Trump reads "The Snake" poem


The DEVIL – Reptilian/Saturnist/Satanist/Luciferian/Baal/Osiris/Zeus/Jesus, he goes by many names –

and it wasn’t ever really Eve, per say, that he was after – it was her DNA. 

According to a guy named Gene DeCode – HUman’s carry the original 64 genomes of ALL creation.

So what does that mean, really? 

Gene DeCode

Notre Dame Jesus' Clone, Anti-Christ & Timelines

Well, you can make ANY other creation in the known UNIVERSE, with human DNA -

because it contains them ALL – because it was the ORIGINAL genetic blueprint of Creation + Source.

So, the Adam and Eve story isn’t really about the apple or the snake – it’s about genetics – and how if you mess with them – you can make anything you want, with the human ones – but that doesn’t mean that the snake in the bible wasn’t real, because it was.

When the sperm reaches the egg, at the time it is halfway in, and the tail is out - it forms a Q, for Quantum,

and that is the moment of conception of a human being. No arguments.  (Negative 48)

The Hopi say that the blue light of your soul comes down from the heavens when a baby is born and takes it's first breath

YAHWEH - breath is the name of God, we are 'born' of our first breath and die with our last.

I am told that during invitro- if you are doing it right - if you have the right combination of egg and sperm – you will actually get – a blue spark – the God Spark – the signature of the Creator.

Now, we know that Cain – who is the child of the Serpent and Eve –

kills his brother Abel, who is the child of the human, Adam and Eve,

and Cain returns to kill Adam, but is stopped, and banished to a far-away land. 

That land - the land of the Canaanite’s, later became known, as Israel –

Wait, just a minute.  “You’re trying to tell us that God’s Holy land in the Middle East, is actually the land of the Canaanites?

 EASY SHARE Egypt in the Americas

Of course it is, and if you stop and think about it, it makes sense.

The Great Deceiver did, what he has always done, and LIED to you, and told you it was the Holy Land of God’s people, well it still is - I guess -

if Your God is Lucifer or Baal and your people are of a Reptilian demonic bloodline.


I KNOW – I KNOW….  I HEAR YA!     The Reptilian thing… it’s a little much. 

It’s just a little hard to wrap your head around.  Believe me, WE’VE ALL BEEN THERE!

So what was it - that made it all – the whole Reptilian thing, REAL, eventually, for the rest of us??  

BLOODLINES.   The DaVinci Code had it partly right.

There is a bloodline of Christ.  It is the Druze/Kahlooni/Lincoln bloodline that Trump, Assange, JFK JR, his brother Patrick and sister Arabella, who are actually both alive, and Elvis all belong to – oh, and Elvis’ brother's Pressley, who are also, all still alive.

Bloodlines Kennedy / Lincoln  / Kahlooni

Elvis, is now commonly known, as Pastor Bob Joyce. 

He has a You Tube channel  Elvis is Bob Joyce - 22.2K subscribers -

but has more recently taken to Telegram, under the name, Bob Joyce is Elvis.  Nothing subtle about that.  Bob joyce is elvis Telegram Channel on Telegram

Pastor Bob Joyce is Elvis

Now, Elvis – is an interesting guy – and not just because of his music, and those hips.  

Back in the 1970’s, Elvis brought a Colt 45 pistol to President Nixon and got permission to qualify to be a federal DEA agent. 

Now, at the time, people just thought he did that was so he could smuggle his own drugs in and out of the countries he was traveling to easier – but there was much more to it than that.

Elvis & Nixon and the Colt 45

Elvis was undercover, doing many things – and one of them – that inspired his Twitter name, was time traveling with Tesla, off Earth – to other planets – like Venus.  

He sent out a message from Venus that lasted exactly 72 seconds – to signal back, to the people of Earth,

that Elvis had not JUST left the building - he was on Venus.

Elvis is Pastor Bob Joyce - 72 Seconds

Now, when you understand that there was technology at the times of Atlantis and Lemuria that was far greater than our own,

and some of that technology was actually still being used in the 1800’s, and visible in some of the buildings of Tartaria that remain –

and the bad guys just took a hot minute to take all that out of our history books -  EASY SHARE - Atlantis Lemuria Mu

then it is NOT so hard to imagine that we were traveling to other planets long before the Stanley Kubrick – totally staged – fake moon landing.

According to Gene DeCode, we were on the Moon in 1903, which according to my other sources, is just a huge DataBank for the Earth with a bunch of cities on the back side representing each country here on Earth, that apparently FedEx actually delivers there – Who knew??

Now, as long as we are talking about technology and things that are fake – you need to understand that TV and movies have been using stand-ins, doubles, clones, and robots – for a very long time. They were able to make a pretty convincing ‘real-life’ robot back before President Kennedy was assassinated, which would have been TOTALLY helpful, if you could have somehow, had a looking glass, or at the very least, a time machine named Looking Glass and somehow known ahead of time that they were planning on assassinating the President, and have some kind of a signal, like say, Jackie suddenly getting a bouquet of red roses at that last stop in Dallas, when everywhere else she went that day, all the bouquets she was presented were of the traditional “Yellow Rose of Texas”.   It would have been REALLY obvious if there had been a magazine cover that day that took a picture of Lyndon Johnson’s wife, suddenly receiving a bouquet of yellow roses on the Tarmac at Loves Field in Dallas, on the final stop of that day, as if the rose delivery guy somehow knew she was going to be the new first lady in a few hours.  Awkward.

Now, many of us figured out that Lyndon Johnson was in on it, but the hit was put out by none other than HW Bush himself, which makes sense when you know that his last name used to be Scherf, and his Dad was a Nazi, well, at least he was before he conveniently took the job as Tesla’s accountant.

We never WON, the Second World War.   We simply signed an agreement that allowed all of the German military to come to the United States and take over OUR military – so it looked good on paper – and no one would really notice that they were running genetic labs underground, creating humans and other ungodly things with our genetics, and then selling the babies to the children of Cain, who still walk among us to this day, and apparently, really like to eat babies and drink blood.   There seems to be a huge percentage of them in politics, Hollywood and the music industry - which should really come as no surprise to anyone, if you stop to think about it.

So, all the ‘bad guy’ Germans came to the United States, The New Jer –USA –lem, in the bible because they had all the missing books, and THEY KNEW, that the USA, was God’s chosen land and his people, and they were gonna keep US, from taking it back.

So, many of the bad guys in our own government, and now, the bad guys from Germany too, sign an agreement in 1947, and then A LOT OF REALLY SHADY SHIT starts to go down.  When you first begin to research this stuff, it becomes apparent pretty quickly, that something WAS UP with 1947.

So, one of those things, was changing all of the currency in the world over to the US dollar, NOT backed by assets or gold, but backed by oil.  They knew they could tell the world some bullshit story about how oil was scarce because it came from the dinosaurs, and jack around the prices however they wanted, depending how much they felt like lying to us and screwing us on any given day, but mostly on their Satanic holidays, like 311, or 113, or 911 or 119.  They really like numeric symbolism and they have their own Calendar of Satanic holidays with descriptions and everything that you can look up from the FBI and download for yourselves. – I’m good, I’ve had a copy of my own for a while now.

So, that’s when they start this whole push for climate change and global warming, because they KNOW it’s all BS, because they have been running the HAARP weather machine for some time now, and in 1959 the Freemason and devil worshipper Walt Disney, puts out a little video on how to move a hurricane.  Weird.

Now along the way, we’ve had some brave people come forward and try and tell us what these Reptilian Children of Cain were trying to do, people like Bill Cooper, author of Behold a Pale Horse, and Phil Schneider, who ran an underground boring machine for the military on bases near Los Alamos and Dulce New Mexico, Genetic Mind Control Labs.  They had a little war there underground back in 1979 - that the news - must have just accidentally forgot to mention somehow… I mean what kind of a headline would trying to rescue 3000 people including children using a new military technology called the X22 helicopter, only to find out there were more like 30,000 and high speed railway system underground that went around the whole world in less than a couple hours be?  Their intel on that mission was NOT so great, and it became one hell of a problem, but that’s what happens when demons are in charge of your military and you are trying to steal their money-making product back.

The news didn’t report it, because it was their base that the good guys were trying to infiltrate and the last thing they needed was the average citizen figuring out what they were up to underground, across the entire planet. If you do some research, you quickly discover that many politicians are married to people in the media industry, and when I say ‘married’ I mean on paper – alone.

The WHOLE WORLD – that world - that we get all of our information from – the news, the radio, the music industry, Hollywood, Disney, the school systems - they are all working together, under several family crests, BLOODLINES, producing a reality of information that is CREATED by them –FOR US – so that we never have access to the actual history of this planet and our relationship with our Creator.  When Shakespeare said “All the worlds a stage” he wasn’t messing around.

There are 13 bloodlines that basically run everything in the world – about 200 people – that have put their own family members in positions of control – throughout the globe – to completely control the industries, the media, the politicians, the drug trafficking, the school systems and our overall reality. Infiltration, not insurrection.  They knew they could never take over our lives by waging war – they did that purely for the sport of it – and while we are on the subject of sports – they own that too.

They put their own family members in charge – of everything – and then basically write their own story of the reality they want US to believe.  Now the whole concept of that, seems a bit paranoid, until you start to uncover what reality is to THEM, and then it all suddenly starts to make sense.

The Canaanites, worship a God named Baal, among many others, and Baal, is a transgender Goat God.

Now, why does it matter that he is transgender?   Well, two reasons, actually.


First, it is to put the average people in the mindset that your sexuality is your choice, and irrelevant, and changeable, so that there is confusion among our reality, and so that we start to not follow our Creators instinct to go forth and multiply, and reproduce, because the last thing these Luciferians want is more of US running around with the possibility of figuring this whole LARP out.  Now, don’t get me wrong, they need us, the humans, for power, and energy, and food and longevity, and our blood – but they need just enough of us for supply and demand, and not so many of us that when we get together the information Creator encoded in our DNA starts to get activated because our frequencies start to rise when we are together “Whenever two or more are gathered in His name…” and they don’t want that information downloading from our genetics, to our brain, where we might start to figure out that something just doesn’t all seem right here, so they alter the sexuality – of everything – including themselves, as a part of a ritualistic offering, generally accompanied by some type of a blood sacrifice or sexual sacrifice as a part of ceremony, recorded on a calendar and marked by certain dates, 911, 119 – 311, 113 to worship at the altar of their God Baal – under the grand symbolism of the Obelisk – the penis of Osiris, the missing piece of reproduction in the story of Isis and Osiris, symbolizing that when the 16 pieces of Osiris were scattered across the lands and ISIS could find all of them but his penis, so she created her own, a fake fallic symbol, the Obelisk, to spawn another creation – but not of God – but of Baal, to manufacture more of their creatures, to fight the battle against the human race for firmament of this planet and power of His creation – and that is the war we have been fighting ever since – while they change the sexuality of their own children in rituals, have actual cousins marry cousins, men marrying men and appearing as women, and boys changed to girls with a life set up directly in the public eye, so that they are showing us what they are doing, because they have to, as a part of that ritual – to tell us what they are doing, blatantly in our faces; in the movies and on TV, so that when we don’t ‘catch’ them, and call them out on it, all the ‘bad karma’, the bad energy of that act, is karmically attached to US, for not catching them and creates a form of dark energy called ‘loosh’ which they harvest and use as energy, like a battery, as a form of power. Every athletic stadium in the world is an energy generator and harvester, because no matter what happens on any given day at a sporting event, someone always loses.


So these 13 bloodline families, change the genders of their children, and try to convince us to alter ours, to honor their God of Baal and Osiris, and to convince the masses not to reproduce and go forth and prosper – and if that wasn’t enough – they genetically modify our food source, spray Barium and Aluminum over our heads in chemtrails to poison us (The chemical signs for Barium and Aluminum are Ba-Al, but don’t let that bother you…) and put fluoride in the water to keep us docile and complacent.  They put fluoride in the water at Auschwitz, and as a chemical, it’s quite poisonous, but don’t let that little fact bother you either.  “But there is fluoride in my toothpaste, and that is recommended by the ADA…“ well – yes, yes it is.   And the ADA, along with the AMA, and the BAR (British Accreditation Registry) which is nothing more than a club, it is not a license – are all owned operated and controlled by the two companies that run and rule the world – Vanguard and Blackrock.  They OWN and OPERATE the United Nations, the CDC, the WHO, NASA, the politicians and just about any other organization you have ever heard of here on Earth, including but not limited to, the Vatican and the City of London along with Washington, DC. 


In 1871, in an effort to build a completely ritualist city in the shape of an owl and have a place to store their gigantic Osiris dick close by, the Free Masons, of the 33rd Degree, decided to move the capital from Pennsylvania to Washington, DC.  Ten miles of land within the United States, making all of the decisions for the people of the United States they claim to govern, while in fact, being a sovereign nation, aligned with the City of London and the Vatican, working for a completely different purpose, right under our noses and a 555 ft statue of a giant dick, which frankly, seems redundant at this point.


Now, what they failed to realize is that they never closed the Post Office in Pennsylvania and so along comes this guy, named Russell J Gould, who captures what is known as, the Title 4 Flag, which apparently allows him to begin a REAL country again, right under the Osiris people’s giant hard-on noses, without them ever really noticing, since they are so focused on their ‘junk’ being paraded around on every form of media outlet possible, everywhere else. 

Now, I don’t know if ANY of this is true or not, as I mentioned before, but it certainly does create a great story line, especially when you only have to repeat it, not create it – ya know – like you are nothing more than a copy-cat Reptilian, searching for the God spark in all the wrong places, like Cern, a giant tunnel with a little something they like to refer to as a Halliron collider – whatever that stands for…  You can look it up, but don’t be surprised if you find the Goddess Shiva dancing with some very bizarre other choreographed skits at the opening event just a little unsettling and ritualistic, ya know, like the Half-time show at a Super Bowl - except the Prince one - that one was cool, and you can tell him when you see him, because he and about 900 other people who were swept up with the “Gone With the Wind” witness protection program and are coming back to blow the doors off of this thing - like a DEW to Buckingham Palace - or 34 other locations worldwide, that are gonna need a lot more than just a match to cleanse the evil, ya know, like that little camp fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral, where the former first Sasquatch of the United States FOR America, Michelle ‘big mike’ Obama sat sipping wine on a boat on the Seine, while their Luciferian dreams burnt to the ground in a pile of ash and lead and their fake clone of Jesus ran around looking for an exit to the bonfire, a little heat of their own creation, nipping at the hooves of their goat-like, little demonic feet – or at least that’s how I picture it in my head anyway.


So with all of these cargo ships stationed off-port and filed with all the Chinese army guys sent out by the Luciferians and the Annunaki like a Trojan horse, riding on the back of an Evergreen tree and parked next to a few containers full of nukes, you would think they might have thought about what would happen if someone got a fork lift and pushed all those containers together so there was no way out, ya know, like they used to like to do to all those kids, and the women, and the people they trafficked all around the world, shipped from shore to shore like cargo, only these little CCP army guys are all trapped inside a hot shipping container with no bathrooms and no exits, and no one to blame, but themselves.


In the meantime- several famous actors get to take a stab at playing good ‘ol “Sleepy Joe – Hell, I don’t Know, Come on’ man, I told ya so” Biden right in front of our faces and John F Kennedy Jr runs around in the public eye wearing mask after mask and no one is really the wiser, although there is much suspicion he may be Juan O Savin or that Neg 48, or the guy sitting in the van that takes Hillary out, or a man made of steel, with a cape – or Batman, or Lin Wood or a guy named Todd Burgun, or the inspector of his plane crash, or the George Magazine creator on Murphy Brown, with Candace Burgun.


It’s a bit of a hot mess, once you start to write it all down and I haven’t really started to scratch the surface of how deep it all goes, like the ice field over the base of Antarctica, which actually surrounds us in a circle, like the Piri-Ries map said back in the 1500’s that is allegedly covering Atlantis with several miles of icebergs and snow, although don’t ask Admiral Byrd of Operation High Jump, because his diary tells a lot, but the military got a hold of him, so I’m quite sure there’s much of his story that we still don’t know.


Don’t ask Cody Snodgrass about Oklahoma City, or Chris Kyle about guns, or Jesse Ventura about Chris Kyle, or Alex Jones about George Noory, or Dave Grohl about Podesta, or Chester Bennington about Canada’s Linkin Park, or Anthony Bourdain about the Standard Hotel, or Hotel California about the Eagles about the true meaning of that song, or where Laurel Canyon is, or Hilltop Military Base/ Lookout Mountain, or Marilyn Monroe and her clearance there, with Hugh Hefner, or how he financed the Playboy Club and why Bill Maher looks so much like him, and all the VIP access through the underground tunnels to Beatty, and Jack Nicholson, and the Satan’s lot of them all, leading over the mountains and all the way out to Height Ashbury and the Hippies and the Beatles and Tavistock and Allister Crowley and the ‘bump’ that he gave Barbara Bush.


Don’t ask Manson, or Polanski, about Rosemary’s baby, or what redrum has to do with the Getty...  Don’t ask JP about Olympus, or Guggenheim and Strauss, and why so few boats on Titanic…

Don’t ask Spielberg about O Rourke, or Oprah about her Africa, or her school or her ‘friend’ John of God.  Don’t ask Tupac about ‘Biggie’ or why all the “Friends” chics have dicks, and definitely don’t ask what Victoria’s Secret, really is…


Don’t ask Kidman about her Daddy, or Madonna about her mama. 

Don’t ask Trudeau about Castro, or Cuba about Nixon, don’t ask Bryce Taylor about Betty Ford, or we all will start drinking, or the way that the Kennedy’s are connected to Lincoln… 


Don’t ask Cash about Elvis, or Assange about Trump, don’t ask Diana about Sarah or Megan Merkel’s baby bump. 

Don’t ask Hitler about Merkel, or May, or a Dalia, don’t ask Obama then either - and Oprah won’t tell ya…


About the Owl at the Grove, don’t ask Cathy O’Brien or the Aussie, Fionna -  or we all will start crying… 

Don’t ask Phoenix, or Haim, or Spears or B Murphy.

Don’t ask Aman about her daddy, or her marriage to Clooney.

Don’t ask Midler the man, or the guy who plays Cher.

Don’t ask O’Donnell or Ellen - what’s in their underwear…

Don’t ask Hanks about Wilson, don’t ask Jay Z for a reason, about a design on a sweatshirt or volleyball season…

Don’t ask Kubrick about Armstrong, or Buzz about the moon, or Parsons about Crowley, or Hubbard about Tom Cruise.

Don’t ask Field about the BUAP or MH 317, or Diego Garcia and a plane never to be seen.

Don’t ask the Goldman Sachs 300 about their time in a cave, in the Great state of Utah…

You were there on WHAT day??

Don’t ask Pence about Kissinger, or SAM 239, or an email to the speaker, who at the time was Paul Ryan


Don’t ask me about ANY OF IT – because what do I KNOW…


But if any of it happens, don’t say I told ya so…


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